During the first 45 days, the gamer will go through a strict digital detox that includes physical activities, individual and group therapy, and wilderness excursions. There are personal training sessions and Thai massages available.

During the next 45 days, focus will shift to relearning how to have a healthy relationship with technology through monitored, purposeful, and incremental access.

The location is in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand, providing a culturally rich environment to detox without the triggers and challenges of home.

I have spent time at the center, learning from their staff, meeting with the head counsellor John Logan, and speaking with the boys, and I couldn’t be more impressed. The food is incredible too!

I hope the addition of the Game Quitters program to the center provides an even deeper level of support for families as their boys return home and get back to the ‘real world’.

If you are a family with a young adult looking to support them in turning their life around, inquire into The Cabin’s Edge Program.