Mission Statement

Game Quitters exists to provide the best tools, resources, and support for people of all ages and backgrounds, who struggle to quit playing video games.

We believe if you want to quit playing video games, for any reason, you deserve support. Game Quitters exists to ensure each member has access to the help they need, for FREE.

We do this by sharing educational content on YouTube, inspiring success stories on our blog, and creating a culture of encouragement on the Forum. For members who have the means, we have extra support available through other products and services.

Game Quitters is a peer-to-peer support community

Our members have their own subjective reason(s) for why they want to quit playing video games. For some, it may simply be time to move on, while others struggle with compulsive game play – many identify with addiction and mental health challenges.

We do not exist to tell someone what the experience is that they are having. We are only here to support them as best as we can, with the power of our collective community our greatest strength.

We are not, and do not claim to be, a substitute for professional support. We encourage, promote, and regularly refer members to professional support options.

We Cannot Wait

We believe compulsive gaming and video game addiction are real and genuine issues – it’s our every day reality.

We cannot wait on outside forces to provide the solutions we need. We cannot wait for video game addiction to be officially diagnosed in the DSM. We cannot wait for research to catch up. We cannot wait for professionals to be properly trained.

The stakes are too high and our members need help, today. The need is urgent, and we must take action and do our part. Now.

Game Quitters exists to take responsibility for what we can do collectively as a community to help members in need. That includes filling gaps in the academic literature and having a fully integrated “For-Benefit” business model that gives back to our community (coming soon.)

For more on our mission, read Our Vision.