Game Quitters October 2015 Monthly Progress Report

Welcome to the Game Quitters October 2015 monthly progress report!

One of our core values at Game Quitters is to be radically transparent, so each month we publish a progress report outlining what’s been happening in the community, including exact revenues and expenses, lessons learned and plans for the future.

This is our third report! To see our previous reports click here.

Game Quitters was founded to empower a community of likeminded people (gamers who want to quit playing video games) to come together and support each other to not only quit playing video games but to live our lives to the fullest. It’s about much more than quitting video games.

For me personally it represents a desire to create a lasting impact and to leave a legacy.

Game Quitters is much bigger than me though, and it’s about bringing the community together to have an impact on those who struggle with this area of their life.

The Game Quitters vision continues to evolve month after month, but for now I want to share with you some real numbers behind the mission so we can see, together, how the movement is growing.

I want to be radically transparent because not only do I think it’s important, especially in the business world, but one of my visions for Game Quitters is to have impact directly integrated into the business model as a social enterprise.

That will take time to develop and the manner in which we do so will be discussed and decided as a community, but for now I can share with you basic metrics and in future updates you can expect these to improve:

Community Growth

Forum: (Join here.)
Posts: 970 (+426)
New Members: 32 (+8)
Total: 133

Subscribers: 961 (+157)

Email List:
2,894 (+282)
2,837 (uniques) (+45%)

11,322 (uniques) (-182)

Income Report


Respawn: 22 (-5) ($182)
Total: 225 ($1,603)

Challenge: 3 (-3) ($50)
Total: 20 ($849)

Parent Handbook: 0 (-1)
Total: 10 ($70)

Patreon: $150
Patreons: 13

Total October Income: $382 (-$346)
Total 2015: $3,147


The Tools: (monthly)

  • LeadPages: $37
  • SendOwl: $24
  • Invision Board (Forum): $20
  • Aweber: $69
  • Photoshop CC: $19.99
  • Gumroad (Fees): $8.85
  • Paypal (Fees): $8

Total Monthly: $186.84

Other: (single payments)

  • Developer: $150
  • Invision Board (non-hosted license): $175
  • Launch Academy (coworking space): $200
  • Screenflow 5: $99
  • Stickermule: $121

Total Other: $745


  • Create Awesome Online Courses: $46 (1/12)
  • The Truth by Neil Strauss: $15.71

Total Education: $61.71


  • Cam: $1,500

Total October Expenses: $993.55
Total October Expenses + Team: $2,493.55

Total October Revenue: $382
Total October Expenses: $2,493.55
Total October Cashflow: -$2,111.55



Final Thoughts

October was a difficult month. Let me explain.

When you’re starting a new business it will take time to reach “cashflow positive”, which basically just means your business is sustainable – you’re earning more than you’re spending. Because of this, many businesses need to invest (and lose money) for a period of time while revenues grow.

This was certainly the case for Game Quitters. In order for me to spend my full-time efforts on the mission I had to take a loss for a number of months before revenues (and growth) reach a sustainable place.

I knew this going in and had enough savings to invest in the process. My projections have Game Quitters reaching sustainability in the Spring of 2016. At the end of September I still had a “runway” (the length of time you have enough cash to continue to work on a venture) of eight months.

So I’ve been feeling good about everything and allowing the mission to grow at a healthy rate month over month while being able to invest in the long-term growth of the community, instead of having to focus my efforts on short-term cashflow.

Unfortunately at the end of September my situation changed and I went from eight months of runway to two months. I’ll share more about this in the future (part of my plan with Game Quitters is to teach you how you too can take a passion of yours and turn it into a profitable venture while having an impact), but this kind of situation is just part of entrepreneurship.

So the month of October I was doing a lot of soul-searching, dealing with a lot of anxiety (“I’m going to fail”), a lot of self-doubt (“I’m not good enough”) and depression (something I’ve struggled with much of my life.)

The frustration for me is amplified because of all times I need to operate at peak performance, I’m barely able to get out of bed due to depression. Not exactly a recipe for success.

So it was a difficult month but I persevered. I experimented, continued to work hard inch by inch and I’m optimistic about how things will unfold in November.

One of the challenges I’m experiencing with Game Quitters is the balance between having an impact and providing the ultimate resources for those who struggle with compulsive gaming/gaming addiction in their lives, and having it be a sustainable mission.

It’s a classic problem really. How do you have an impact AND earn a living?

It takes a certain amount of creativity but I’m committed to finding the balance.

In October I began experimenting with a Patreon (as requested by those who would like to donate to the mission) and Pay What You Want pricing (I have paused this initiative and may bring it back in the future).

In November I will be launching v4 of Respawn. It’s pumped full of extra value so I’m excited to share it with you in the next few weeks. I’m just finishing the content for it now. For the 225 of you who have already purchased Respawn, you will be receiving the update for free!

Once Respawn v4 is released, I will begin work on the next course, an advanced course, which will focus on becoming more productive, finding your purpose and making better friends after you quit gaming. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter (below) to be notified when it’s released.

We will continue to push forward this month. Our community is continuing to grow, and if you see the growth numbers of the forum (above), you will see the number of posts almost doubled last month (to 970), and that’s with a day offline for maintenance.

Lastly, I just want to say thank you to everyone for their support. All of your contributions, your comments, your shares, your dollars, everything makes a difference in our ability to reach more gamers who are struggling in silence.

November is going to be a great month for us and we will finish this year strong. We have much to look forward to next year, especially with the release of the book.

If you’d like to contribute to the Game Quitters mission and help us reach more gamers currently struggling in silence, join us on Patreon.

If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will answer it.


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  1. Cam, what are you doing in terms of marketing? I don’t see any expenses for paid ads anywhere. What guest blog posts are you doing? What appearances are you making on other’s podcasts? Where are you sharing your content? What facebook groups, google communities, forums, reddits? Another course is a great idea but it needs to be higher end or recurring and I’m not sure about this whole pay what you want thing. It’s a great idea once you have a large following but at this point it will probably produce less revenue. Respawn maybe priced at $10, Challenge at $49, then a back end product with a higher cost maybe $147 – $297. OR something that produces a monthly recurring income. Maybe a weekly webinar for $97 a month (I would go for monthly residual personally). Once you have those three products in place… market, market, market. Promote, promote, promote.

  2. Hey Doc, thanks for commenting. You are right that there is a lot of opportunity for more marketing.

    – Paid Ads: I have experimented with paid ads previous months and had mixed results, so I’ve paused that while I’m getting our funnel optimized. As Respawn v4 is finalized I will begin playing with some ads again. Right now we’re getting up to 30 new opt-ins a day for our email list so I don’t know if we need to increase that w/ paid ads that much (not to say it wouldn’t be good, but there’s other elements we can optimize first imo.)

    – Guest Blogs: I have a few lined up for this month.

    – Podcasts: I have done some in the past (including The Art of Charm). Not convinced the ROI on podcasts is that good yet.

    – Distribution of Content: Reddit (/r/StopGaming) mostly. One issue I’ve been having is that gaming addiction is so new there aren’t very many communities established for it (ie: FB groups, forums.)

    – Moving forward: I am continuing 1 new YouTube video each week and plan to upgrade it to 2 soon. I will be republishing more content on Medium soon and I’m currently working on a way to engage more of the gaming community in general about this topic.

    As for products, the prices are all going up on them. Pay What You Want is an interesting experiment that I may reintroduce at a later date (as the audience is larger), but PWYW comes more from my desire to be accessible to everyone instead of being paid for the value I create. I do a ton, ton, ton of free content and with the proper money mindsets, have no issue with charging for a product that provides so much value in return.

    Respawn v4 will be a video course and the price point will be higher, with the Challenge (ebook) being $30 and the Challenge v2 (video course) being higher when it’s updated in the future. I may re-release the Respawn ebook on Amazon in a few months as a cheaper alternative to grow our audience from there.

    I have plans to release a course on making friends and social skills either on its own or as an upgrade to Respawn later (from the survey I did, at least 50% of my audience has already quit gaming and thus, Respawn is not useful for them, since it’s designed for those who are ready to quit.) The issues those who have already quit have focus on being more productive and making better friends.

    At this point I’ll either do Respawn and another course or just have “Respawn” with Level 1 (quit gaming) and Level 2 (social skills) and so forth (as an example.)

    I do agree with the monthly recurring income, and at this time I’m offering access to all of our products for $20/month (via Patreon.) I think this can be a good way to grow our monthly subscription base while providing lots of value.

    Part of my delay in a lot of the outbound marketing has been because our products and systems haven’t been complete/in place, so I wanted to capitalize on the exposure once they were. Maybe not the best way to approach it but just being honest. As soon as Respawn v4 is out (next two weeks), I will be focusing 90% of my efforts on marketing and promotion.

    Appreciate you taking the time to comment and share your feedback.

  3. Hey Cam,

    I definitely think it’s a great idea to make sure you have all your products lined up with a decent funnel in place before promoting really hard. Then you can start tweaking and optimizing your visitor to lead conversions and your lead to sale conversions.

    Paid advertising is one of that things that if done properly will give you the data faster which means you more quickly optimize and grow faster. However, if you don’t have the available capital to spend on testing things, then free marketing is your only option.

    Good to hear you have some guest blog posts lined up.

    As for podcasts, don’t discount them. They are a great thing that can be leveraged in many ways. Not only can you send it out to your list (and have the host send it out to theirs of course) but you can use it as a lead magnet (free gift in exchange for email), you can make it a cheap paid product if it’s really good, you can upload them to a ton of different places to help bring in more traffic from it, you can upload it youtube and do a little SEO for it, etc.

    Speaking of SEO, I noticed you are 5th and 6th on Google for the keywords “quitting video games”. You could probably get up in top 3 pretty easily.

    Your right about there not being many established communities for people wanting to quit gaming. This can be a little bit of a bump to overcome but when you do overcome it (gaming addiction will come to light more and more in the future), it means you and game quitters will be the go to place.

    Definitely charge for your products. As you said, you create a ton of free content and if people want more of what you have to offer, they can simply skip buying one new game, and pick a couple of your products instead.

    I don’t know what your plan for Challenge v2 is. Is this the course on social skills?

    I like the idea of “levels”. Level 1 – quit gaming (respawn), level 2 – Creating your new avatar / character (challenge or a product that helps people start creating who they really want to be since we have a choice and can be whoever we REALLY want to be), Level 3 – Build your own party (social skills course), Level 4 – Becoming the party leader (maybe a product on leadership skills), level 5 – Defeating the boss (product on creating your own business or income), etc.

    Anyway, hope this helps out in some little way. Game Quitters has a ton of potential and you can do big things man. Keep it up!

  4. I appreciate all of your thoughts on this.

    The #1 result on google is mine, it’s just a different site (old blog of mine.) I’m looking to do more work on SEO though, especially around “gaming addiction” of which I currently do not rank well at all.

    Overall, this year has been really good and the growth is good, but a lot of work remains. I’m grateful that our community is engaged and interested in helping me learn how to improve it for the better.

    Hope you’re having a great day!

  5. Random sidenote/idea but personally i found that the people who need it most are the type of guys who lurk on 4chan.
    But on top of that don’t have the vision of what they could become. You could package your vision as a “here’s what you might be, and here’s what you could be” sort of thing. The more people resonate with your problem and see what they’d like to become the more motivation people have for wanting change.

    it feels like advertising from the places that the people stuck currently are (steam/game forums/4chan) might be a good way to reach out too.

  6. Hey Ryan! Thanks for leaving your feedback. I definitely think looking into steam/game forums/4chan is a good approach.

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