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Welcome to Your Second Video:

Before you proceed, complete the following exercise:

  • Why do you play? Is it to escape? To socialize? Something else? Write down your answers and share them in your journal by creating one here.
  • Next, you want to choose new activities to replace gaming. It’s important to select activities that fulfill the same needs that gaming fulfilled for you. If you need ideas, download 60+ New Hobby Ideas.

I didn’t realize how much I needed the community. If you weren’t here, I’d be back to my old tricks. Literally the act of writing and sharing here prevents me from gaming. It’s like the last line of defense.

To recap the four needs:

  1. Temporary Escape: They help you escape from stress in your life.
  2. Social Connection: They give you a sense of community and most (if not all) of your friends play.
  3. Constant Measurable Growth: You see progress and receive feedback and instant gratification.
  4. Challenge: You have a structured way to find your sense of purpose, a goal and a mission to work towards.

If you want to move on from playing video games, you need to identify why you play and choose new activities to replace them with. If you need ideas for activities to replace gaming, download 60+ New Hobby Ideas.

Make sure you complete the exercise above and look for video #3: How The Brain Interacts With Games in your inbox tomorrow.