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Quitting gaming isn’t easy, but it’s possible if you follow these five steps

Step 1: Breakthrough the psychology that keeps you gaming

Your brain tricks you into gaming through cognitive biases and attachments you have developed. You justify gaming because you don’t want to lose your progress, or the money you’ve invested. To quit you need to overcome these.

Step 2: Avoid boredom and find new hobbies

If you are laying on your bed staring at the ceiling, you’ll justify gaming because it can’t be any worse than being bored all day. To successfully quit you must find replacement activities. There are three specific types you need to find, and I’ll share these with you.

Step 3: Stop wasting your time and be more productive

You game to escape and procrastinate. To quit gaming is to make a decision that you are going to start pursuing your goals and dreams. It’s a commitment to achieve your potential. Learning how to manage your time effectively is essential to accomplish that.

Step 4: Beat your urges and cravings to avoid a relapse

When you quit gaming you will experience a range of emotions and withdrawal symptoms. To avoid a relapse, you must navigate these intentionally.

Step 5: Succeed today… and tomorrow

Strategies and tactics are great, but without the proper mindsets none of them will matter. To succeed in your recovery long-term you must cultivate your mindsets, and prepare for the common obstacles you may run into.

In Respawn I guide you through these five steps, PLUS:

How to rebuild your identity in the real-world

Research shows that people who have a gaming addiction tend to identify with their online characters and achievements. When you quit gaming it can create a void in your sense of self, so it is crucial that you focus on developing a new relationship with yourself.

How to have more energy and improve your mood

As a gamer you spend hours every day isolated in a chair in a dark room staring at a screen, and we know this isn’t very good for your health. It’s common when you quit gaming to experience anxiety or depression symptoms, and we will turn these experiences into opportunities to build new habits and a healthier lifestyle.

How to make new friends

Worried that if you quit gaming you might lose all of your friends? Although it’s impossible for me to say exactly what will happen with your current friends, what I can say is I will ensure you have strategies to make new ones.

And so much more…

“It’s been five days since I stopped playing video games completely and I never intend to go back! It can be super hard at times, so Respawn and your videos are proving to be invaluable for guiding me in the right direction.”
– Jay M

Bonus 1: Respawn Workbook

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Respawn is the ultimate guide to quit playing video games

“The best decision I have made in my life, honestly.” – David

“I grew my YouTube channel to 432,700 subscribers. Trust me, doing a double backflip is cooler than getting an epic mount.”
– Gerard

“Got me a 4.0 in college after quitting games. No regrets and no fear.”
– Matt S

“I’m 36 days clean from video games. Your videos were thought-provoking as well as inspiring and have helped me on my journey.”
– Galen

“Having goals and watching yourself achieve them is the most satisfying feeling in the world. I don’t even think about gaming anymore.”
– Zachary

“I have already read three books, traveled to California, hung out with my guy friends a lot more, and finished half a class of programming.”
– Anonymous

“Your videos address so many of the questions I have, and they bring clarity to my thought processes.”
– Tatianna

“I stopped gaming over a month ago and it is amazing the changes that happen in your life.”
– Anonymous

“I have run 11 marathons. I also spend more time chasing my son around the house instead of sitting at my desk.”
– Jared

“I’m 22 years old from Iraq. Thank you Cam, you were very helpful.”
– Thamer

“I’m a 15 year old and your videos have provided me with a lot of great information. Keep up the good work.”
– Kay

“Yesterday I finished my 90 days!!! The first week was hard but worth it!!”

“Quitting gaming resolved a major source of conflict in my marriage. Big win.”
– Anonymous

“I haven’t played a video game for a few weeks now and I feel pretty good. I’ve lost 6 pounds, been getting better sleep, my mood has improved, and I don’t feel groggy all of the time.”
– Rice

“I’ve picked up great habits. I journal, meditate, read, and try to be supportive of others as they quit. My anxiety has been getting better, and my attention span has been increasing. I feel more engaged in the world around me.”
– Anonymous

“You have helped to change my life. I sold my console and have lost 15 pounds. I am forever grateful.”
– Sabeeh

“I reached 90 days and it’s the longest I’ve gone without playing video games my entire life.”
– Jack

“You have inspired me and changed my life. Thank you.”
– Eli

“Before your program I was a mess. Since then I have lost 40 pounds, become a model, and broke up with my fiance.”
– Faris

“Since I gave up video games I have started to learn python and begun a yoga practice.”
– Holly

“My life is finally heading in the right direction. I’m spending time working out and learning about nutrition, things that will benefit me for the rest of my life. Seeing my strength level up in real life is infinitely better than in game.”

Life is so much more exciting once you give up games. My social skills have improved tremendously and I’m more confident than ever.”

Taking 90 days off gaming improves your quality of life 2x

We asked hundreds of gamers to commit to not gaming for 90 days and evaluated how their quality of life changed. Here were the results:


Time Management




School/Work Performance


Intimate Relationships


Family Relationships


Psychological Health





This is your second chance. Will you take it?

Here’s how it works:

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Game Quitters is about more than making money, so if for any reason at all you aren’t happy with Respawn, please email me and I will give you your money back. And I will give you the full length of the detox, 90 days, to do it.

I do this work because I genuinely care about what you’re going through, because I actually know what you’re going through.

I went through it too.

So I want to recognize you for taking this step for yourself. I know it’s not easy and the thought of your life without games is scary.

But the fact that you are reading this page right now shows how much courage you have to acknowledge you have a problem and need help to solve it.

You are not alone and we can do it together. I have your back.

“I’m getting enormous ROI from buying Respawn.” – Chen
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Respawn Workbook (PDF)

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Join 920 others who have quit gaming with Respawn

Common questions

Is the program available immediately?

Yes, immediately upon purchase you will be redirected to a registration page where you will create a username and password to gain immediate access to the program. If for any reason you do not have access to the modules immediately, contact us.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Respawn comes with a full 90 days money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with Respawn all you have to do is send me an email, and I will refund you immediately. No questions asked for 90 days.

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes! Upon purchase you will have lifetime access to the Respawn program, including updates we make to it. Using the website account you create when you purchase the program, you will be able to login and gain access to this program anytime you choose.

Is this program shipped to my home?

No. This program is hosted on our website in a private area exclusive to customers only, which you can only access with an account for individual customers. Download links are available if you would like to keep the files on your computer.

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Why isn’t Respawn free?

Game Quitters is not a big corporation with venture funding and millions of dollars. We are a very small team – myself (Cam) and a few members who support with things like keeping the server online. By purchasing Respawn you help us continue to do the work we do. If you cannot afford Respawn, we have 200+ videos for free on YouTube for you.

“I’ve spent hundreds of dollars over the years in video games. The least I could do is shell out a few bucks for a guide on how to stop, which I did.”
– YouTube comment

“The value of what you’re doing cannot be described in dollars.”
– Jay

“Cam your guide is really, really helpful. Your site is amazing. Thanks!!!”
– Bryan

Choose your package below and Respawn will be available to you immediately.

Join 920 others who have quit gaming with Respawn


  • 10 video lessons
  • Priority email support
  • Fourth edition ebook
  • Respawn Workbook
  • 10 expert interviews
  • Community support
  • 90 day money back guarantee
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  • 10 video lessons
  • Priority email support
  • Fourth edition ebook
  • Respawn Workbook
  • 10 expert interviews
  • Community support
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • $47