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The World Health Organization has officially recognized 'Gaming Disorder', yet 84% of professionals do not feel confident treating clients. Are you one of them? I can help.

For Mental Health Professionals

Improve your quality of care

Be prepared for your clients by understanding what video game addiction is, what causes it, and the tools and strategies you need to support their recovery.

video game addiction masterclass
  • Curated video lessons on relevant clinical topics
  • Evidence-informed with references and sources
  • Practical worksheets for you and your clients
  • Additional resources to deepen your learning
  • Regular updates on the latest trends
connor"Your knowledge will help providers improve their quality of care with their clients." -Connor Stieferman, MCPGSA
dr huu kim le"A masterclass in video game addiction. Cam is a powerhouse." -Dr. Huu Kim Le, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

After the Masterclass

  • You will understand how video games are designed to keep people hooked
  • You will have a validated screening tool to identify at-risk clients
  • You will communicate effectively with clients (and their caregivers)
  • You will identify the four emotional needs that gaming fulfills
  • You will recognize three recent trends that present a risk for problem gambling
  • You will implement practical strategies for treatment and recovery
  • You will be a valuable source of knowledge amongst your colleagues

"I knew very little about 'gaming' until taking this course." -Jacelynn, Social Worker

Inside the Masterclass Curriculum

Section 1: What is Video Game Addiction?

You will learn what the difference is between a gaming hobby and a gaming problem, including prevalence rates, demographic shifts, and comorbidity and risk factors. You will also learn what the warning signs are and receive a screening tool.

"Thank you for bringing my attention to gaming addiction. I am not sure I would have ever questioned or even considered the magnitude of the issue." -Jacelynn, Social Worker

Section 2: How Games Are Designed to Be Addictive

Understand the key fundamentals of game design and how games have changed over the years. You will also learn about virtual identities and how the social side of gaming acts as a significant barrier of change.

Section 3: The Convergence of Gaming and Gambling

You will learn three recent trends in gaming that present a risk for problem gambling. You will also learn about esports - organized gaming competitions - and the pros and cons of this rapidly growing gaming industry.

"Given the increasing frequency I am seeing patients and families where a child has rung up a significant credit card bill, I can now see how this could happen. Thinking of it as gambling will help with my perception and discussion of the problem." -Scot, Therapist

Section 4: Treatment and Recovery

We will cover practical strategies including screen time guidelines, how to choose between reducing and eliminating gaming, the role of parents and how to improve family dynamics, navigating withdrawal symptoms and triggers, finding new activities, and more.

Bonus Section: Policy and Regulation

Self-regulation by the gaming industry has failed to protect young people from potential harms, so how should regulatory boards respond? Learn our policy suggestions and consider how you can have a voice in this debate.

Julie Hynes"A leader in the field of gaming addiction long before its official recognition." - Julie Hynes, National Council on Problem Gambling

Presenter: Cam Adair

Hi there. I founded Game Quitters to help those seeking advice on video game addiction. Today I'm proud the website serves people from 95 countries.

I speak regularly on how we can tackle this growing global issue in places like the International Conference on Behavioral Addiction in Japan, Eton College in London, the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and the National Conference on Problem Gambling in the United States.

Video game addiction is a public health issue and with how pervasive technology has become in our lives, I believe it is crucial for professionals to understand it.

cam adair

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"Innovative, compassionate, creative. Cam understands how gamers think."
- Jerry Bauerkemper, NCCG

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