Try to imagine what your life will look like in five or ten years if you continue doing what you’re doing now.

You wake up and do the same thing every morning. You go to the same job and talk to the same people. Then you go home and do the same things and play the same video games.

Realistically, how will your life change?

This is why developing a growth mindset is so important. You need to understand how to develop an awareness of who you are and what you want in your life, and realising that all of your problems are a result of your own actions. Once you master this, you master life.

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The law of attraction has been a hot topic for over a decade, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. With millions of people adopting the visualization movement, there’s naturally going to be a lot of information out there.

That also means there’s going to be a lot of misinformation.

Manifesting your visions into reality can be a powerful tool provided you understand how to use it effectively and learn the step-by-step methods for implementing it into your life.

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The hallmark of addiction is the inability to keep everything back under control.

In my quest to get control of my addictions, I did a lot of soul searching.

I had to learn about the underlying causes of addiction. I had to figure out why I couldn’t control my drinking or why I needed to visit a pornography site every time I sat at my computer. What I learned not only helped me get control of my situation, but it also helped me better understand and help other addicts.

Addiction is a complex disease. No matter what you’re addicted to and what the outcome of it is, addiction is rooted in something deeper.

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A mentor is someone that provides coaching or advice on anything from business and mindset to motivation, fitness, health or money. Everyone from CEOs and entrepreneurs to athletes and musicians use mentors every single day to hold themselves accountable and keep them reaching new heights.

But, if you’re not worth millions of dollars is there any point in getting one?

You might not realise it, but mentors can be valuable to everyone depending on where you’re at in your life. You can even get them for free if you know how!

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Why is it that you can go 6, 10, or 18 hours straight on a video game without breaking focus for a few minutes? That sounds like the opposite of laziness to me.

Yet gamers are labelled as lazy and unfocused throughout the media and on the internet.

The issue isn’t a lack of focus, it’s a lack of direction. It doesn’t mean you have to quit gaming forever, you just need to learn how to prioritise the right tasks and goals.

If you can learn how to channel your obsessive gaming energy into something more productive, you’re going to find yourself completely transforming your life in no time.

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Deep work can mostly be summed up by one word: Intention. When you work with a deep intention to be focused and wholly devoted to the task in hand, you’re going to find yourself in a state of deep work.

Deep work consists of focused, intentional sessions of work on high-impact tasks, and it’s the key to unlocking your productivity and finding success in your life.

Compare that to busy work, which is where you trick yourself into thinking you’re being productive. But, in reality, you’re accomplishing meaningless tasks that aren’t getting you any closer to completing your goals.

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Competing at an elite level is an incredibly high-pressure job. You’re constantly under the spotlight, have scrutiny from fans, and if you don’t perform you could lose your job and career. Couple this with increasingly stringent rules, testing, and regulations for drugs and alcohol, and you find that athletes are finding other outlets to escape in.

One of those outlets is video games, and over the past few years countless stories have come out that professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, NHL, and even the English Premier League are struggling with an addiction to video games.

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World of Warcraft was the best and worst time of my life.

It was the most fun I’ve ever had but I also became addicted to World of Warcraft and my life slowly crumbled around me.

With WoW Classic coming out I felt inspired to share my story in the hope that it brings peace to anyone out there who is struggling.

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When I got to college I suddenly found myself inundated with responsibility and I was in over my head. So what did I do? I played video games.

I eventually dropped out and moved back in with my parents. This story does have a happy ending though and I was able to eventually turn my life around.

In this free practical guide you will learn the exact steps you need to take to quit gaming in college and get your life back on track.

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