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Our bespoke 12-week coaching programs are designed to get gaming under control while thriving in life. We accept both individuals and families, including gamers currently in denial.

Caleb Quit Gaming After Trying for 6 Years!

  • Caleb is a 31 year old gamer and proud husband
  • He was gaming while at work and it took up most of his time
  • He was staying up too late and not spending enough time with his wife
  • He had bigger goals like making more money and starting a family
  • "My priorities have totally shifted, I don’t have time for video games anymore."

Bubba Completed 90 Days Without Gaming

  • Bubba works in the gaming and esports industry
  • He is a proud husband and entrepreneur
  • COVID led him to playing games more than he wanted to
  • His wife noticed a major change in him from not gaming
  • "I learned so much from the Game Quitters program. Do it!"

Abby Overcame Her Addiction to Mobile Games

  • Abby is a proud wife and mother
  • She started gaming as a way to fill time while her mother was sick
  • She got stuck in a mobile pay-to-win game that cost her thousands
  • She wanted to come up with an Exit Strategy to leave the game for good
  • "Thank you Cam for all of your support, it made such a difference."

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Ready to get control over your gaming problem?

"The best decision I have made in my life, honestly." - David

What Parents Say

"We followed your strategies and tension in our house has lowered considerably.” –Maria

"The program is helpful to know whether we should be concerned about our son’s level of involvement with video games. It alleviates a lot of worry and fear for us." -Dan

"My son is now game-free, making new friends, and doing activities." -Sherry

"We have a calmer household and a closer relationship with our boys, and this has happened in a surprisingly short period of time." -Lani

 "Our 17-year-old son went from 3 Fs in one quarter to high honors the next!" -Amy

"RECLAIM is clear and concise for a parent that is starting to see some of the patterns of gaming addiction." -Kim

"RECLAIM provided a sense of relief and hope. What you're doing truly matters!” -Julie

"You gave me hope to see there is a way out for my son." -Stacey

“No gaming for 5 weeks. Isaac is back playing basketball.” -Julie

"Game Quitters has been an excellent resource for our family." -Fraser

"Jack is three months off games." -Katrina

"Changed everything for me and my teen.” -Kate


What Gamers Say

"I grew my YouTube channel to 432,700 subscribers. Trust me, doing a double backflip is cooler than getting an epic mount." - Gerard

"Got me a 4.0 in college after quitting games. No regrets and no fear." - Matt S

"I'm 36 days clean from video games. Your videos were thought-provoking as well as inspiring and have helped me on my journey." - Galen

"Having goals and watching yourself achieve them is the most satisfying feeling in the world. I don't even think about gaming anymore." - Zachary

"I have already read three books, traveled to California, hung out with my guy friends a lot more, and finished half a class of programming." - Anonymous

"Your videos address so many of the questions I have, and they bring clarity to my thought processes." - Tatianna

"I stopped gaming over a month ago and it is amazing the changes that happen in your life." - Anonymous

"I have run 11 marathons. I also spend more time chasing my son around the house instead of sitting at my desk." - Jared

"I'm 22 years old from Iraq. Thank you Cam, you were very helpful." - Thamer

"I'm a 15 year old and your videos have provided me with a lot of great information. Keep up the good work." - Kay

"Yesterday I finished my 90 days!!! The first week was hard but worth it!!" -Epicness

"Quitting gaming resolved a major source of conflict in my marriage. Big win." - Anonymous

"I haven't played a video game for a few weeks now and I feel pretty good. I've lost 6 pounds, been getting better sleep, my mood has improved, and I don't feel groggy all of the time." - Rice

"I've picked up great habits. I journal, meditate, read, and try to be supportive of others as they quit. My anxiety has been getting better, and my attention span has been increasing. I feel more engaged in the world around me." - Anonymous

"You have helped to change my life. I sold my console and have lost 15 pounds. I am forever grateful." - Sabeeh

"I reached 90 days and it's the longest I've gone without playing video games my entire life." - Jack

"You have inspired me and changed my life. Thank you." - Eli

"Before your program I was a mess. Since then I have lost 40 pounds, become a model, and broke up with my fiance." - Faris

"Since I gave up video games I have started to learn python and begun a yoga practice." - Holly

"My life is finally heading in the right direction. I'm spending time working out and learning about nutrition, things that will benefit me for the rest of my life. Seeing my strength level up in real life is infinitely better than in game." -Anonymous

"Life is so much more exciting once you give up games. My social skills have improved tremendously and I'm more confident than ever." -Anonymous

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