Are you tired of the constant battles and fighting over gaming?

Are you frustrated that what you’ve tried hasn’t worked?

Do you feel hopeless? Or shame that you’re a “bad parent”?

Do you just want this problem to go away?

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Hi, I’m Cam Adair

I understand how you feel, because I was addicted to playing video games. My addiction caused me to drop out of high school, and while my friends were off to college, I was living in my parents basement playing video games up to 16 hours a day.

Depressed, I pretended to have jobs and deceived my family. It got so bad I eventually wrote a suicide note. That’s the night I knew I needed to make a change.

Today my life is much better, and I’ve been clean from video games for over seven years. Once I overcame my own addiction, I wanted to help others with theirs, and I now work with addicts from over 95 countries. I regularly speak around the world to students, parents, and mental health professionals on how to overcome video game addiction.

“One of Canada’s 150 Leading Canadians in Mental Health”
– Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

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Your concerns are valid! Video game addiction is real.

In 2019 the World Health Organization officially classified ‘Gaming Disorder’ as a mental health condition. If you have been seeing the following red flags for some time, it’s not just a phase. You are seeing a repeated pattern of behavior that is telling you something is wrong. Listen to your gut!

The 9 warning signs of video game addiction:

Constantly thinking about games
Experiencing withdrawal symptoms
Needing to play more and more
Unsuccessful attempts to control
Loss of interest in other hobbies
Continued use despite negative impact
Being deceptive about gaming
Gaming to escape negative moods
Jeopardizing school, work, and/or relationships
If the individual meets five or more signs in the last 12 months they may be at-risk

… You’ve already tried countless things to help your loved one:

Here’s what you tried: You removed their devices and turned the game off.

Here’s why it didn’t work: They had an intense tantrum. They were aggressive, and may have threatened self-harm. You don’t want them to game, but the opposite leaves you in fear.

Here’s what to do instead: Learn how to de-escalate explosive situations and develop a safety plan. We cover managing tantrums and more in Module 4.

Here’s what you tried: You told them their online friends weren’t their real friends.

Here’s why it didn’t work: Their online gamer friends are their real friends, and usually, their only friends. When you tell them to quit gaming, what they really hear is to stop having friends.

Here’s what to do instead: Understand the role community plays in gaming and how to navigate social changes (Lesson 9).

Here’s what you tried: You allowed them to continue gaming because it’s their responsibility to make the right decisions.

Here’s why it didn’t work: They are unable to moderate their time. They will continue to game despite negative impact.

Here’s what to do instead: Understand why your gamer plays excessively. This will give you the opportunity to redirect their motivations to more productive activities (Lesson 7).

Here’s what you tried: You told them gaming is a waste of their potential.

Here’s why it didn’t work: Games are where they feel confident and often their accomplishments online are a stark contrast to their struggles in the real world.

Here’s what to do instead: Learn how to breakthrough feelings of denial (Lesson 14) and then help them find alternative activities (Module 4).

You want your gamer back and need practical solutions that work. That’s why we created the Reclaim program:

Module 1: Understand Your Gamer

9 lessons cover these and more:
  • Is it a gaming hobby or gaming problem?
  • Why games are addictive and how they’ve changed
  • Why your gamer plays excessively
  • Identify individual risk factors and underlying issues
  • Age-appropriate developmental considerations

Module 2: Understand Yourself and Your Family

“Tension in our house has lowered considerably.” – Maria, Mother

11 lessons cover these and more:
  • Improving communication and minimizing conflict
  • Navigating denial, lying and manipulation
  • Breaking patterns of enabling and codependency
  • Feeling confident setting and maintaining boundaries
  • How to use consequences and incentives effectively
  • Managing your emotional experience

Module 3: Build Your Plan

12 lessons cover these and more:
  • Choosing between reduction vs. elimination
  • Building a realistic plan for your family
  • How much gaming is too much?
  • Effective strategies for a variety of situations
  • Navigating tech use for important tasks (e.g. homework)

Module 4: Implement Your Plan

“Three months without games for my son. So far so good.” – Katrina, Mother

10 lessons cover these and more:
  • How to share your plan with your gamer
  • Managing tantrums and explosive behaviors
  • Finding replacement activities to avoid boredom
  • Navigating withdrawal symptoms and gaming triggers
  • Strategies to overcome common challenges

Included: Printable Worksheets, Videos & Case Studies

Some of the additional resources:
  • Example Worksheet: Video Game Addiction Test
  • 2-hour keynote presentation by Cam
  • How to rally other parents together
  • How to create a safety plan
  • Books and research studies
Game Quitters

Preview: How Elaine Uskoski Saved Her 19-Year-Old Son Jake from His Gaming Addiction

Full interview available in Reclaim

PLUS! Gain the support of 1,352 like-minded parents in our Facebook group – You are NOT alone!!!

parents of gaming addicts
andrew and julie doan

“Reclaim is brilliant and highly needed. We strongly recommend Reclaim to parents seeking help and solutions for their loved ones struggling with digital media overuse.”
– Andrew Doan, MD, PhD and Julie Doan, RN
Katrina Kenison

“Game Quitters provides the support every recovering addict needs to begin to shape a life of abstinence and freedom, a life built around new routines and healthy habits. It’s been three months without games for my son Jack. So far so good.”
– Katrina Kenison, Mother

“We followed the strategies you suggested and tension in our house has lowered considerably.”
– Maria

“Game Quitters changed everything for me and my teen.”
– Kate

“A masterclass in video game addiction.”
– Dr. Huu Kim Le, Psychiatrist

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“Cam’s hopeful message and practical steps to empowering oneself to overcome unhealthy habits and live a purposeful life, while stemming out of his work in gaming addiction, transcends into an array of topic areas where people are facing adversity.”
– Cara Yar Khan, UNICEF

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