The rise of eSports is a modern day gold rush.

  • eSports: organized competitive gaming
  • Revenues near $1 billion annually
  • Prizes are in the tens of millions of dollars
  • U.S. colleges now offer scholarships
  • Millions of players compete for hundreds of pro gamer spots
  • Major health and addiction implications

Beginning in the 1990s, gaming went from a casual hobby, to an organized professional sport 1 1. Medium: The History and Evolution of Esports × . Today competitive professional gaming, also known as eSports, is a soon-to-be $1 billion dollar industry 2 2. Forbes: Esports To Grow Substantially And Near Billion-Dollar Revenues In 2018 × , championships are watched live by tens of millions of people 3 3. Verge: 'League of Legends' eSports finals watched by 32 million people × , and their potential Olympic debut is on the horizon 4 4. Variety: Professional Competitive Gaming on the Rise, Overwatch Shows Olympic Potential × .

With significant growth year-after-year, the eSports industry is a modern day gold rush. Major media networks ESPN, TBS, SyFy, and Telemundo all broadcast esports events 4 4. Variety: Professional Competitive Gaming on the Rise, Overwatch Shows Olympic Potential × , traditional sport leagues like the NHL and the NBA have launched tournaments and leagues, and owners of NBA and NFL teams have added ownership stakes in esports teams 4 4. Variety: Professional Competitive Gaming on the Rise, Overwatch Shows Olympic Potential × .

In the U.S., over 600 colleges and universities have added varsity esports teams and/or scholarships for esports 5 5. ESPN: List of varsity esports programs spans North America × , and this year PlayVS announced a partnership to bring esports to 19,500 high schools 6 6. Venture-Backed Startup Targets High School Esports Infrastructure, Eyes NCAA × . The numbers clearly show, eSports is here to stay.

Why is eSports so Popular?

Gamers love competition. They want to be the best. From 1972 when the winner of the first eSports event received a yearlong subscription to Rolling Stone magazine 1 1. Medium: The History and Evolution of Esports × , to present day where prize pools include up to tens of millions of dollars 7 7. E-Sports Earnings × , winning is at the core of what playing video games is all about.

eSports is also accessible. To play a traditional sport you may have to organize people into the same physical location, whereas with gaming you can play with people from all around the world instantly with an internet connection from the comfort of your own home.

Streaming—where you can watch other people (including professional gamers) play on websites like Twitch—is another reason eSports is popular. In 2017, Twitch (owned by Amazon) received 15 million daily visitors, with 355 billion (yes billion) minutes watched 8 8. Twitch: 2017 Year in Review × .

Gaming culture today is as much about playing games as it is about watching other people play. Our own internal surveys reveal the average gaming addict plays an average of 25 hours per week, while spending 25 hours per week in other internet activities—watching streams.

eSports sells the dream of going pro. With 83% of teenage girls and 95% of teenage boys playing video games regularly 9 9. Pew: Teens, Social Media & Technology 2018 × , what could be more exciting than earning your living as a pro gamer, especially compared to traditional careers like being an accountant, lawyer, or sales associate—no offense to people working in those professions. The competition for eSports is fierce, with hundreds of millions of gamers competing for hundreds of spots.

Health and Addiction Concerns

Although eSports and the capacity to earn money as a gamer are positive developments for the industry, there are valid concerns to be aware of.

To be the next eSports star involves gaming many hours each day, and research on the negative impact on your health when you spend hours sitting in a chair in a dark room starring at a screen is conclusive. Faker, one of the world’s biggest eSports stars practices for 12-15 hours a day 10 10. The Guardian: The rise of eSports: are addiction and corruption the price of its success? × . That does not bode well for your health.

The introduction of college scholarships for eSports is another concern, as teenagers will now justify their excessive gaming use because they are going to be the next eSports star—when in reality the chance of that is very slim.

I’m not one to discourage a teenager, or anyone for that matter, to not pursue their dream, however doing so while being informed about what it truly takes is important, and what it takes is more than gaming all day every day. It takes focus and determination, responsibility, maturity, and optimal health—mentally, physically, and emotionally—amongst many other factors, including luck.

When the competition to become a professional gamer involves millions of players for hundreds of spots, having a backup plan if it doesn’t work out would be highly recommended.

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