How to Quit Playing League of Legends

Ever wondered how to quit playing League of Legends?

How many times have you come in from school or work, only to remember that you still need to get your daily reward on League of Legends?

How many times have you gone to get your daily reward, only to lose four games in a row (due to bad teammates) and before you know it… it’s 1am?

Now your assignment is overdue, you’re in a bad mood, and you’re not going to get any sleep anyway, so you might as well keep playing.

Sound familiar?

I’ve lost count of the number of times this has happened to me.

There’s something about League of Legends that keeps you coming back; despite making you feel angry, bitter, and stressed. It’s impossible to ask someone about the game without them mentioning how toxic it is. Not just the game, but the community as well.

You didn’t gank mid at the right time? Didn’t pull blue? Forgot to buy pots when you backed? Be prepared for shouting, insults, and even death threats.

What effect do you think this kind of stimulation is having on your mind?

Do you want to quit video games?

If you want to learn how to quit League of Legends because you’re sick of being angry for no reason, or tired of waking up at 1 PM because you’ve been playing all night, then you’re in the right place.

Typical Advice Doesn’t Work

If someone is overweight, what do people tell them to do? Move more, eat less.

If you’re depressed people say you should eat healthier, sleep more, and do some exercise.

If you want to quit playing League of Legends, what kind of advice do you think you’d get from people?

“Why don’t you just stop playing? It’s not even very good anyway.”

People in that situation don’t understand. They can’t understand.

They don’t know what it feels like to have an urge so strong to play that you can’t resist it even if you try. At the same time, you don’t even know why you have that urge.

You don’t like playing the damn game. It’s not fun anymore. Yet you keep coming back again and again.

My League of Legends Addiction

I kept coming back to League of Legends because all of my friends played it. I didn’t really enjoy the game, but I was good at it.

This led to me playing the game for hours on end, sometimes up to 12 hours a day, despite not having any fun.

I used to justify this by telling myself that I was laughing a lot, and I had always had fun with my friends. But it’s easy to laugh. It’s easy to feel a part of something when it’s so ingrained into who you are.

Even after I decided to quit gaming, my addiction to League of Legends was the biggest hurdle to overcome.

I’d get messages from my friends on Discord saying they needed me to fill in. My favourite positions as well, mid and ADC, to try and entice me.

It worked, eventually.

Initially I quit gaming for 90 days but then I decided to try gaming in moderation. Big mistake.

I was back to playing League of Legends all the time. My mental health declined rapidly, and I ended up sabotaging all of my personal relationships.

So if League of Legends is so hard to quit, how did I do it?

How I Quit League of Legends

In my experience, quitting League of Legends was a lot harder than any other game. As a result, I decided not to quit gaming straight away.

I did what I like to call a ‘Priming Period’.

I would continue to play video games for 30 days, but I wouldn’t play any League of Legends.

After the 30 days were up, I then quit gaming entirely for 90 days.

For me, this was a necessary step.

On top of this priming period I also recommend you do the following:

1. Be Honest

Have an honest conversation with your friends about why you’re quitting gaming. Let them know that you can still be friends, but ask them to stop talking about video games while you’re around.

That goes for Discord, too. Gaming might not be an issue for them, but they should respect your decision.

2. Find New Hobbies

We have a list of 60 activities to replace gaming. There’s a whole world of creativity, adventure, and discovery waiting to be opened up.

You might feel hesitant to start learning some of these hobbies. Perhaps you’re anxious about meeting new people. This is perfectly normal and is something that everyone experiences.

Start small. Commit to one or two new things to try. If you hate it, try something else. But remember it’s going to be a constant struggle to improve, and you’ll have to start somewhere.

3. Take This Seriously

It’s a big mindset shift to make, but a necessary one. You’re no longer a gamer who plays video games. You’re becoming a new person.

If you want to become a musician, a writer, a computer scientist, or whatever. Start telling people that. If you’re going to the gym, don’t be shy about telling people.

People think that playing video games is lazy, but that’s so far from the truth. You’re able to play for hours on end without losing focus. That doesn’t sound lazy to me.

Just imagine what you could do if you channelled that energy into leveling up your own life. You’d become a whole new person after three months, and your old gamer friends still playing League? They probably won’t recognize you anymore.

Start Today

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to quit League of Legends. Use this motivation to become something better.

What would it look like if you got YOUR ultimate? What would it look like if you were the hero you were playing?

Making money, being in great shape, mastering an instrument, or finding love are a lot more impressive to me than a Penta Kill.

You are in charge of your future. Go get it!

For more tips and practical strategies to quit gaming, grab a copy of Respawn. It’s the ultimate guide to quitting video games and will help you take your life to the next level.

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