Why You Are Wrong That Gamers Are Lazy (and What They Are Instead)

So often as gamers we have heard that we’re lazy – our parents tell us that we’re lazy, our teachers tell us that we’re lazy and I just think that it’s completely ridiculous.

You are not lazy. Watch the full video to learn why:

The last thing I believe that gamers are is lazy.

Just think about it: how many hours have you put in to playing video games? How many hours on average per day over the last few years have you put into video games?

If you’re reading this, the chance of you playing 4+ hours a day, for the last many years, is very high.

If that’s you, the last thing that you are is lazy, in fact you are one of the most dedicated people to your craft in the entire world.

I don’t know very many people that can invest that amount of time into the things that they love? Most people are sitting around watching TV all day instead.

So before I share anything else I just want to recognize you as someone who is very dedicated, as someone who is very motivated and very driven when you know what to apply yourself to.

Now that’s the secret: games are intentionally designed for you to feel that sense of purpose, and it’s not obvious but the games are designed to walk you through each step:

You need to go beat that boss, get that weapon, beat that level and in doing so it gives you a greater sense of purpose, and now because you have this huge drive to succeed in your life to do well at the things that you want to do well in, you end up investing so much of your time into it, and that goes on for years and years and years.

So I don’t think it’s fair for people to tell you that you’re lazy, and I don’t think that it’s fair to tell yourself that you’re lazy, because you’re not lazy, you’re actually incredibly dedicated to what you put your mind to.

So now that you’ve decided to quit playing video games, you need to find other things in your life that you can focus your energy on, to focus your drive towards.

During your 90 day detox you want to use that as an opportunity to learn more about what a purposeful life looks like to you, because gaming is very likely the only thing that you’ve ever known.

Maybe you started gaming when you were two, three, four, five years old and you’ve just actually never had anything else, so use this 90 day detox as an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself, for you to learn more about other things that you could potentially put your mind towards.

Trust me, over time, especially after 90 days you’ll have a much better idea about what that looks like.

So always remember: you’re not lazy, you’re just dedicated to what you know and that tends to be gaming so the mindset that I like to think about is that you can channel your energy for good or for evil.

You can channel your energy to find excuses or solutions.

You can channel your energy to procrastinate and play video games and justify that in any possible way you could ever imagine or you can use that same ability to channel your energy for good, for your goals, for your dreams, and the things that you do know that you do want to do like:

And so forth…

If you commit to channeling your energy and your focus and your drive in that direction you can do any and all of those things.

And don’t forget to be patient with yourself as well, this is a new chapter in your life and there will be some bumps along the way, but you can make so much more progress than you could ever imagine if you focus your energy and time on doing so.

If you’re still gaming and you are ready to quit, commit to your 90 day detox today and grab a copy of Respawn to help you with it.

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