Nobody is coming to save you

So often when we go to make a big change in our life whether it’s to quit gaming, move to a new city, to quit our job, or to change what we’re studying in school, we sit around and wait, thinking that somebody else is going to come and do the work for us.

But that’s not how life works, because no one else can change your situation, except YOU. It’s all on you.

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Having Fun vs. Being Happy

There’s an important distinction that you need to make when you go to quit playing video games and that distinction is this:

Are you having fun playing games or are you happy?

So often when we play video games we’re having a lot of fun but that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily happy and life isn’t just about having a ton of fun, life is about happiness and fulfillment.

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I got this question a couple of days ago and I thought I’d answer it today.

Games are cool and I’m not against gaming but I also know that gaming didn’t really lead me to accomplishing any of the other goals or dreams I had and really it was just a way for me to kill time.

And I know it’s something similar for you too.

The most important thing guys is that you need to think about how gaming is in your life and the relationship that you have with it, and whether or not it’s actually empowering you towards the things that you do want to do or if it’s just a way for you to procrastinate.

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So often as gamers we have heard that we’re lazy – our parents tell us that we’re lazy, our teachers tell us that we’re lazy and I just think that it’s completely ridiculous.

Just think about it: how many hours have you put in to playing video games? How many hours on average per day over the last few years have you put into video games?

If you’re reading this, the chance of you playing 4+ hours a day, for the last many years, is very high.

If that’s you, the last thing that you are is lazy, in fact you are one of the most dedicated people to your craft in the entire world.

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I hear from a lot of you guys that the reason you aren’t doing your detox or the reason that you’re still gaming is because you just want to play one more game, you just want to finish one more game, your new favorite game just came out and you want to beat it and then you’ll quit.

But the truth is, there will always be “another” game.

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So often I hear from you guys that you don’t have time:

You don’t have time to learn a new language. You don’t have time to go out and meet new people. You don’t have time to learn programming. You just don’t have time, and it’s all bullshit.

So today’s message is simple: YOU HAVE TIME.

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There are games out there right now, such as Lumosity, that claim to train your brain. Are they safe for you to play? Do they even work?

Now regardless of whether brain training games actually “work” or not, what’s more important is to understand that, first, if you’re playing brain games because you want to train your brain, let’s look at what research already proves to improve the function of our brain.

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One of the main reasons you play video games is because it fulfills your need for accomplishment.

But does gaming actually make you feel a sense of accomplishment?

I don’t think so. I think it makes you feel a false sense of accomplishment.

Although you’re genuinely accomplishing things in the game itself – and I’ll never be someone who will take those accomplishments away from you – gaming makes you feel like you’re accomplishing more than that – it makes you feel like you’re accomplishing things in “real life.”

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Today we have a special guest for you and his name is Richard Kuo.

Richard and I first met through YouTube where has a few videos himself on video game addiction, so I thought I would bring Richard on to share his story – how his gaming has changed over the years and how he manages today to play in moderation.

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