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There is a simple truth about life that most people forget. Will you?

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You’re here because you want to live an EPIC life. A life with an awesome group of friends, a rock solid inner confidence, and a sense of purpose beyond your wildest imagination.

You don’t really know how to get there, but you know you badly want to. You’re committed, and willing to do whatever it takes.

You’re in the right place. Today I will show you how, but first let me share a story.

Back to Rock Bottom

In December of 2015 I went through a bad breakup. I had just moved to Vancouver to live with my girlfriend, and six weeks after arriving this fairytale was over.

I was devastated. I felt depressed. And to be honest, I was scared.

Breakups have always been the hardest things I’ve gone through, and in the past they led me to months of depression, gaming 16 hours a day, and even getting to the point where I would wrote a suicide note.

I no longer wanted to live anymore. I just wanted the pain to go away…

So naturally when this breakup happened I was pretty concerned. Was I about to go down the same path again? Was I about to relapse after years of being game-free?

The answer was no, and the reason is because I committed to having the best year of my life in 2016, breakup or not.

Although breakups in the past have been really hard, they’ve also been the greatest catalysts in my life. They’ve helped me grow and become stronger.

I am who I am today because of the breakups I’ve gone through.

Wow. When I write that a whole weight of stress falls off my shoulders.

So although I was feeling down, I refocused my purpose on overcoming this challenge in my life and having the best year ever.

And although I still miss my ex-girlfriend and look back on those times fondly…

Last Year Was Epic

There are so many highlights but a few of them for me were:

  • Game Quitters grew to members in 82 countries. Today we’re reaching over 50,000 people every month.
  • I moved to San Diego, and learned to surf (something I’ve always wanted to do.)
  • With your help I went to Tanzania on a service mission to build a clean water well.
  • And in the spring I went on an international speaking tour.
  • I was also featured in over 25 media publications including…
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cam adair vice

But all of this came from the same decision: to have the best year of my life.

So what were your plans this year? What were your goals? Did you accomplish them?

Statistics show only 9% of people succeed in their New Years Resolutions, or in other words, 91% of those who commit to a goal for the year fail!

… even though you wanted to succeed. I personally believe that’s fucked up.

A Simple Truth

Living an EPIC life starts today. It doesn’t start on January 1st.

It’s easy to sit here reading this story and make a decision to have the best year of your life. You’re inspired in the moment.

And I get it, I’ve been there more times than I can count.

So you feel good about yourself for a minute, you go about your day, and then it’s time to hit the gym.

“Ah fuck it, I’m tired. I’ll go tomorrow.”

And this same mentality affects every area of your life. I call it “Do-It-Later” syndrome.

… You want to make new friends, friends who inspire you to be your best, but you can’t stop watching gaming streams.

… You want to have a great relationship with a partner, but you want to play just one more game of League of Legends.

… You want to experience less anxiety in your life, but you can’t seem to meditate for 10 minutes.

… You’ll do all of those things later. You promise. And then later comes, and you’ll do it later. And later. And later.

And now you’re reading this article looking back at the last few years of your life wondering what the fuck you’ve been doing!

I get it, I’ve been there too.

Living an EPIC life starts today. It starts by the action that you take, right now, in this moment, and the next moment, and the next moment after that.

It comes down to the decisions you make every single day.

It’s easy to make a “decision” to live an EPIC life. It’s a lot harder to actually do it. Just look at how many people fail their New Years resolutions. It’s a joke!

It’s Not Complicated

Do you know the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t?

Their commitment to their personal growth.

YOUR commitment to personal growth.

That’s it.

It’s not about accomplishing all of your goals today, it’s about growing a little bit today in the direction of your dreams.

And then doing it again tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. And over time all of this growth compounds into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Maybe you haven’t made that commitment yet. Maybe you even think “personal development is stupid.”

I know I did.

But how could being the best version of yourself be stupid?

And more so, how is that belief working out for you?

When I used to think personal development was stupid my life was a complete mess:

  • I was depressed and played video games up to 16 hours a day.
  • I was lonely and had very few friends. The ones I did have treated me like shit.
  • I was broke and deceived my family by pretending to have jobs.

What I was doing… how I was living, wasn’t working.

And it all came down to who I was, and how I was showing up every day.

So in 2009 I changed my mind, and committed to learning how to be the best version of myself every single day.

Here’s what happened:

  • I’ve traveled to 25 countries around the world, many of which I traveled to on my own, solo. This is after having to overcome intense social anxiety.
  • I’ve built a world class group of friends who have my back. My friends are pursuing their own dreams every day too. It’s inspiring to be around them and they bring the best out in me.
  • I’ve had the honor of sharing my story in two TEDx talks, a dream of mine, twice. With your help they’ve now accumulated over 700,00 views.
  • I’ve fallen in three times. And I’ll tell you this. falling in love is better than not falling in love. Even if it leaves you in heartbreak.
  • I built my own business (before Game Quitters) to over $250,000 in revenue, including giving me the opportunity to work from my laptop anywhere in the world.
  • And today Game Quitters is my full-time gig. Every day I get to speak with people like you who desire more in their life. I get to talk to people from 82 countries around the world and of all ages. Together we are impacting tens of thousands of people.

None of this happened over night. It all happened over time, through every decision I made, in every moment, of every day.

Now those are all cool, and I’m proud of myself for accomplishing them, but you know what makes me feel truly alive?

After so many years of being depressed and lonely, I’m happy. Not the kind of happiness that happens when things are good, but the kind that comes when things are not.

Like just over a year ago when I went through that breakup. As sad as I was in the moment, I was still happy, and still proud of who I am.

The difference between this breakup and those of the past is from the work I’ve done within myself:

Every time I pushed my comfort zone. Every time I’ve had the courage to be vulnerable and open up. Every time I’ve been willing to surrender and allow myself to learn from others.

These decisions make a difference. I no longer live my life from a place of fear, and instead wake up ready to rise to the challenge every day.

Not bad for a kid who was chased around school during lunch hour by a gang of kids trying to put him in a garbage can.

What Changed My Life

Was changing my beliefs.

Instead of seeing personal development as stupid, I saw it as a pathway tor learn and grow. To become the best version of myself.

So if you want to get results, if you want to create an EPIC life, you need to change your beliefs.

Many of us don’t even know the beliefs we have and how they hold us back. We all have blind spots.

“You don’t even know, what you don’t know.”

And this is the exact reason why it’s so valuable to surround yourself by people who you can learn from. It’s the exact reason why I read as many books as I do. And why I work with coaches and mentors.

Each of these offer me a perspective that is hard to see on my own.

We all have beliefs that hold us back, and by identifying what they are, we can change them. Then, the roadblocks that keep us stuck simply vanish. And we become like a slingshot, shooting forward.

This is why I live an EPIC life. I change my belief from “my world is about to crumble” to “this year is going to be fucking awesome.”

From this belief my behavior followed. “What can I do, today, to contribute to living an EPIC life?”

It wasn’t always easy, it never is, but it’s POSSIBLE. And that’s all I care about at the end of the day. I don’t care about “easy”, I care about POSSIBILITY.

It’s Time to Create Your EPIC Life

So what are your plans for your life? Is it to live an EPIC life?

If the answer is yes, and you’re committed to making it happen no matter what, I have a special invitation for you:

Book a coaching session.

During the session (60 minutes) you and I will dive deep together into your situation and breakthrough what is holding you back. We will also create a strategic plan for you to implement to create your EPIC life, and I will be available to answer any other questions you have.

Each coaching session comes with an additional week of text-message support so you can ask me any other questions that come up during the week following your session.

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The session will happen either over the phone, or on Skype. You are also welcome to record it if you would like to. Once your payment is made I will send you an email within 24 hours to schedule our time together.

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At the end of the day, you always have one simple choice to make. Are you going to make a decision, or are you going to find an excuse?

Here’s to you choosing to create an EPIC life!

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