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Resources on the link between gaming and gambling and how to stay safe.

The Link Between Gaming & Gambling

In recent years, gaming and gambling have converged with many features in common. Many video games include gambling-like features such as loot boxes and skins, while gambling products are increasingly becoming similar to video games through mobile apps and storytelling.

Both gaming and gambling operate on game mechanics that include "variable reinforcement schedules in order to reward and prolong play, and use exciting and stimulating sound and light effects." They also include repeated cycles of uncertainty, anticipation, and feedback, and the rewards are just enough to keep you going.

On this page we featured videos and articles to help players and families protect themselves from potential harms.


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Loot Box Addiction

Loot boxes are virtual goods that contain items and rewards for players to enjoy. These items can be cosmetic items, which improve the player’s character or give a player an advantage to win.

In this article, you will learn what loot boxes are, the hidden dangers of loot boxes, and stories from people with loot box addiction.

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“My addiction was slot machines. After years of being addicted, I got free. Loot boxes started it all over again. They have the same dopamine triggers, cool colors and sound effects that please an addict.” -Mo

What is Skins Gambling?

Skins are virtual items that you can accumulate inside a video game that decorate weapons or characters. Skins can vary in rarity and may be obtained through loot box mechanics.

Due to their popularity, there is a thriving market for trading skins, and also betting them on esports. This is called Skins Gambling. It is an increasingly normalized part of gaming and can hook vulnerable players into gambling.

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Parent Zone found 27% of children aged 13-18 have heard of skins gambling, with 10% who have gambled skins in some form.

What is Esports Betting?

Esports is competitive gaming. In many ways it's the same as traditional sports with fans following teams, watching matches and placing bets. With a global audience of over 450 million viewers, including 200 million esports enthusiasts, esports is increasingly mainstream.

The growth of the esports industry has led to esports betting becoming more widely accessible, making it important to understand the potential risks associated, especially for young people.

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Esports is the second most popular sporting activity for boys to watch on a screen in the U.K. - behind only football.

Spot the Problem

For some people, gaming or gambling activities stop being fun and instead become a compulsion that causes stress and harm.

If you are concerned that you, or someone you know, may have a gaming or gambling problem, consider the warning signs below and reach out for specialized help.

  • Do you struggle to limit or balance your time?
  • Have you lost interest in other hobbies and activities?
  • Are you being deceptive or lying about your play?
  • Are you continuing to play despite negative impact?

Mental health support for individuals and families experiencing problems associated with gaming or gambling. Get started today! Book a free consultation with Kindbridge.

Gaming & Gambling Help

For many people who are experiencing anxiety, hopelessness or problems from gaming or gambling, they don’t see a way out. Some people think that they should be able to solve this problem by themselves.

Asking for help is not always easy. It can come with a stigma. But there is nothing to feel embarrassed about and receiving support can change your life.

If you are struggling to maintain a balance with gaming or gambling, or you are experiencing underlying mental health problems, reach out on for specialized therapy.

Your life is worth fighting for.

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