Your Child Needs Your Help

cam adairDear Concerned Parent:

Our mission at Game Quitters is to help gamers overcome excessive gaming. You are on this page because there is a gamer that is asking for your support.

The cost of the program for gamers is only $47. It provides modules for the gamer to explore the reasons why they game, and provides practical tools and solutions on how to stop gaming to live a more diverse, and outgoing life. Learn more by clicking here.

This have been the longest time I’ve been off games since high school! I know many people have benefited from this website and its programs. – Chen

There is also a comprehensive program available for parents that want to better understand why their child or young adult is excessively gaming – the cost is $97. This package will assist the parent to help their child or young adult with their gaming addiction. Learn more by clicking here.

Cam’s book Reclaim is brilliant and is highly needed. We strongly recommend Reclaim to parents seeking help and solutions for their kids struggling with digital media overuse. – Andrew Doan, MD, PhD (author, speaker, and neuroscientist) and Julie Doan, RN (author, speaker, and life coach)

Bio for Game Quitters:

Game Quitters is the largest support community for video game addiction, serving 25,000 members/month in 80 countries around the world. Founded by Cam Adair after his own ten year struggle with video game addiction, we offer educational content, and products and services for both gamers, and concerned parents to better understand compulsive gaming, video game addiction, and how to turn your life around and live it to the fullest.

Cam Adair’s story has been featured in two TEDx talks, and major media outlets like Forbes, BBC, Vice, FOX, CBC, CTV, and The Toronto Star, amongst many others. Today Cam shares weekly videos on YouTube where his work has been seen by over a half a million people.

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