Why Gamers Play Video Games

Why do gamers like video games so much? Watch the video before proceeding:

Learning what makes your gamer enjoy gaming so much, maybe even more than anything else, will provide invaluable insight into their unmet needs and help identify underlying issues.

We recommend setting aside time with your loved one to have a conversation about what they love or enjoy about gaming.

Follow these guidelines:

  • Find the right time to ask these questions (ideally not during a gaming session)
  • Convey genuine interest and curiosity
  • No judgement! Remember gamers often feel stigmatized and shamed
  • Be an active listener and consider taking notes

Ask these questions or ones that are similar:

  1. What games do you play? What platforms do you play them on?
  2. Which ones do you like best? What is the difference between them?
  3. What do you like about them? (e.g. competition, social, exploration)
  4. What would you change about them?
  5. How do you feel while you’re playing? How do you feel when you’re done playing?

Understanding why your loved one games so much and what needs it meets for them it is a crucial element in helping them overcome excessive play or video game addiction.

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