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Below you will find a list of professional services who specialize in treating video game addiction.

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The EdgeThe Cabin Chiang Mai Edge Logo

   email the edge
   +66 52 080 711
   Adults 18-24

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Jeremy EdgeJeremy Edge

   email jeremy
    13 years and up

Dr. Ismail AidroosDr. Ismail Aidroos
   9 years and older

TherapistUtah, USA
Ryan Anderson
   13-17 years
TherapistCalifornia, USA
Jason Brand
   13-17 years
PsychologistCalifornia, USA
Stephanie Brown
TherapistUtah, USA
Gail Curran
   8-17 years
PsychiatristCalifornia, USA
Victoria Dunckley
   0-17 years
PsychologistConnecticut, USA
David Greenfield
   13-17 years
CounselorDallas, TX
Jeremy Edge
   email jeremy
   +1 214 433-2721
    13 years and up
TherapistUtah, USA
Brandon Andrus
   All ages
PsychiatristConnecticut, USA
Nadja Streiter
   13 and older
TherapistColorado, USA
Tracy Markle
   11-17 years
CounselorCalifornia, USA
Kim McDaniel
   email kim
   0-17 years
CounselorWashington, USA
Ann Steel
   12-17 years
TherapistCalifornia, USA
Min Tan
   0-17 years
TherapistCalifornia, USA
Lynn Telford-Sahl
   13-17 years
PsychologistCalifornia, USA
Kenneth Woog
AcupuncturistCalifornia, USA
Diana Yang
TherapistCalifornia, USA
Michael Uram
TherapistCalifornia, USA
Bill Wright
Reset Summer Camp
   13-17 years
Wilderness RetreatUtah, USA
Outback Therapeutic Expeditions
   13-17 years
Treatment CenterWashington, USA
   12-17 years
TherapistAdelaide, Australia
Dr. Huu Kim Le
PsychiatristSydney, Australia
Dr. Philip Tam
CounselorShepparton, Australia
Isa Graham
   0447 044 443
   all ages
PsychologistMaroubra, Australia
Luke Vu
   61 (02) 9030-0301
PsychologistMaroubra, Australia
Justin Hendricks
   61 (04) 3238-4777
PsychologistBondi Junction, Australia
Emil Hodzic
   email emil
   61 (04) 0081-6915
Jordan Foster
   Ages: 12-25 years

PsychologistNew Zealand
James Driver
   64 (02) 1 0297-8804

Shannon HuskBC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program
   all ages
TherapistVancouver, Canada
Cris Rowan
   0-17 years
TherapistToronto, Canada
Ryan Spodek
   12-17 years
Treatment CenterCoquitlam, Canada
Last Door
   14-17 years
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