Jay Berk, Ph.D., is an author, international speaker, director of a psychology practice and director of REBOOT, a boarding and day school program for teens who have electronic, online, or gaming addiction/over-consumption. He also directs the REBOOT summer program.

He is a licensed clinical psychologist and an internationally recognized expert in the child/adolescent behavioural field who brings both a clinical and education perspective to his work with children, adolescents, young adults and their families.

For over 25 years, Dr. Berk has been treating clients with ODD, ADHD, autism, anxiety and stress, depression, learning disabilities, Tourette’s Syndrome, electronic/gaming issues and individuals who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. He conducts 15 social skills/mental health groups for children and adolescents and works daily with school and community professionals, families and parents.

Dr. Berk continually consults for several school districts. In his private practice, in Beachwood, Ohio, he provides therapy for children, adolescents, families, testing and evaluation, school consultation as well as designed and facilitates alternative educational program. speaks nationally and internationally. He works face-to-face and online with clients in Ohio and Florida.