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2.4 billion. That’s how many people log on to Facebook every single month.

Facebook has cemented itself as the biggest social media platform, and possibly the most popular website, that has ever existed.

They churn through 4 million gigabytes of data every day and have a comprehensive record of every user on the site.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing if they were using this data without any issues. But I’m sure you know that’s not the case.

Facebook controls what you see, what you buy, what you feel, and what you enjoy.

There’s a lot of money in data, and Facebook is doing their utmost to profit as much as possible.

It’s no wonder, then, that more and more people (including you) are wondering how to delete your Facebook account.

Fortunately, we’ve made this article as simple as possible for you to follow, including details further down on the differences between deleting and deactivating.

Before you know it you’ll be free of Zuckerberg’s shackles, and can start living a life where you’re in charge.

Let’s get started.

How to Delete Your Facebook Account

This might be the simplest guide I’ve ever written.

Facebook has made it surprisingly easy to delete your account – as you’d usually expect to be jumping through hoops to get there.

Step 1

Follow this link to get to the account deletion page. From there click on “delete account” at the bottom.

how to delete facebook step 1

If you want, you can download all of the information Facebook holds about you just for safekeeping. Be warned, it can be an extremely large download and might take a long time if you have slow internet.

Step 2

Simply verify your account by entering your password, and then click continue.

how to delete your facebook step 2

I told you this was simple.

Step 3

Finally, there’s one final confirmation box where you just have to press delete account and that’s it.

how to delete your facebook step 3

All Done!

Once you take that final step towards freedom you’ll get a popup telling you it’ll be deleted in 30 days, and that’s all there is to it.

how to delete your facebook step 4

You can now spend the rest of the month doing something productive. Like scrolling endlessly through Instagram…

Why Should You Delete Facebook

Now, you might be reading this and thinking that you don’t have a problem with Facebook, so why should you bother deleting your account?

There are a few reasons that I want to go through that might give you a different perspective on your Facebook account.

You don’t even have to delete it, just try and stay away from it for a couple of weeks and see how things in your life change.

You might be surprised.

Reason #1: You’re Spending Too Much Time on Facebook

Even if you don’t think it’s the case, you’re probably spending more time on the platform than you realise.

A few minutes can quickly turn into an hour as you’re recommended more videos and memes to keep you hooked. All of a sudden you’ve spent your entire morning or evening on your phone.

Are you the kind of person that wakes up and immediately checks your Facebook account?

Imagine how different your morning would be if you decided to spend that time exercising, meditating or doing yoga.

How many times do you find yourself rushing to get ready for work just because you’ve been on your phone?

Think about how much more pleasant your day at work would be if you got started on the right foot.

black and white cellphone

Reason #2: Facebook Has Total Control Over You

You might not know it but Facebook is controlling everything you’re seeing.

They control which news stories you see and which adverts you’re exposed to. They wrap you in this viewpoint of the world that is much different than it is in reality.

If you spend just a couple of hours every day scrolling Facebook, you’re much less likely to see the world in a positive light.

The world is dying, politicians are corrupt, people are evil and we’re all going to hell.

Sure, some of those might be true.

But if you’re exposing yourself to it every minute of the day it’s going to completely shift your mindset.

You’re not going to see any of the good that exists in the world – and there’s a lot of good to see.

No one wants to be a negative person. But, when you and your friends are all seeing and feeling the same things, it can’t be avoided.

You have to think about what kind of person you want to be.

Is spending hours on Facebook every day is conducive to that goal?

Reason #3: They Know More About You Than You Do

Facebook seems to have an obsession with collecting, and selling, as much data as physically possible.

They know what you like and dislike, what makes you happy and what you fear, they know where you go and what you buy, and most of all – they know how to manipulate you.

With all of this information, they can manipulate into buying what they want and thinking what they want.

You’re subconsciously being controlled by Facebook, and it’s not going to stop any time soon.

Data is a massive business all around the world, and the more time you spend on the site the more they’re going to collect.

It even has its own name, “Privacy Zuckering”. It’s just one of many dark patterns that exist on the internet designed to manipulate you into giving away your data.

Don’t know what dark patterns are? Check out our extensive article about every type of dark pattern you’ll find online.

You might not give a damn what they do with the data, but we have no idea where the industry is going to go in the future.

It could end up having some dangerous repercussions.

Reason #4: It’s Stopping You From Achieving Your Dreams

daylight adventure

It sounds a bit dramatic, I know, but hear me out.

Just take a minute to think about whether your current situation is how you want to be living 5 years from now.

Sure, Facebook might not be solely responsible for you being unproductive, or not achieving your goals.

But, what it is responsible for is a lack of control in your life.

You’re owned by your device.

You might think you’re different but, in reality, we’re all human.

We’re weak, and we’re easily manipulated.

Facebook is the complete opposite.

They want you to spend as much time as possible on that app, and they want you to be as unproductive as possible.

Once you realise that you’re in control, and you make that choice to take back the reigns on your life, you’ll realise that you get to control everything about your future.

Whether your goal is to become wealthy and happy and peaceful, you can do all of that.

However, you’ll never be able to accomplish anything if you’re being led by someone else.

You have to take charge, and that can only begin when you decide to take that first step.

That first step towards creating a better you and towards living the life you want.

As always, thanks for reading.

Hopefully, I’ve managed to convince at least one of you to change your perspective about Facebook. If you have committed to taking some time off, let us know by commenting on the YouTube video above.

At the very least you now know how to delete your Facebook account, so that’s something. Right?

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