The Difference Between Abstinence and Recovery From Video Games

I believe there’s a fundamental difference between abstinence from games and true recovery.

Quitting games isn’t just about quitting games, it’s about starting to live your life to the fullest. Press play and find out more:

So it’s not just about finding ways to fill the void but stepping back to really think about what your new goals and dreams are.

When you quit games it’s about closing a chapter in your life – one where you played games – to start a new chapter – one where you don’t. So it’s not that games are good or bad or that you should play or you should not, and it’s more about just recognizing that you’re moving on to a new chapter in your life.

So yes, at first you’ll need to find new activities to fill your time, but the perspective you want to have is to choose new goals. Use these goals to fuel your motivation and give direction to how you spend your time.

I don’t just want you to survive not playing games, I want you to thrive.

After you quit it’s easy to just sit around resisting your temptation to play games, but I believe this is a flawed approach. It’s not that you won’t go through a period of time where this is the case, but just remember what your intention is.

So what are your new goals? What are you moving towards now that you’ve quit? Share in the comments below.

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