What Triggers Should You Watch out For?

When you quit gaming you want to set yourself up for success, and one of the essential ways to do that is to be aware of any triggers that could cause you to relapse.

So what triggers should you watch out for? Press play and find out:

When I quit gaming I knew I had to take my triggers seriously, because they would be the main reason I would end up relapsing and going back to play.

To be successful to quit playing video games it’s really about setting yourself up for success.

I got rid of all of my games.

I didn’t watch any commercials. I didn’t watch any gaming streams. I didn’t check to see when my new favorite game is coming out. I didn’t do any of this.

Why would I? If I did any of that I would just want to play! And the whole point of moving on from games is to not play.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get cravings and as we’ve talked about before you want to have specific ways to deal with that, but triggers can also cause your cravings to get worse.

Here are two steps you want to take to avoid triggers:

  1. Identify what your triggers are. What are the potential things coming up that could cause you to be vulnerable to give in and play?
  2. Understand what your default actions are when you are feeling triggered. When I saw a commercial after I quit I immediately changed the channel.

And of course as we’ve talked about before, make sure you’re taking care of the basics: finding new activities, scheduling your day and not being on the computer all day.

Sometimes triggers happen, sometimes cravings happen, but by preparing for them beforehand you can set yourself up for success and continue to move on with your life.

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