3 Ways to Beat Perfectionism After You Quit Gaming | Game Quitters Featured in FORBES

Before I share the three tips for you, I want to announce that Game Quitters has been featured in FORBES. Very exciting!

Read the full article here: How Perfectionism Is Sabotaging Your Career.

Here are the three ways to beat procrastination after you quit gaming:

  1. You may not find the perfect replacement activities right away. Don’t worry about that. Keep experimenting and you will find them over time. It took me a few years to find surfing. But if I kept gaming during that time, I would have never found it. The transition from gaming (something you are very good at, and something you know you like) is different than these new hobbies you’re trying. So be PATIENT.
  2. Be vulnerable. Sharing your story in this community and sharing what’s coming up for you (good or bad) is really important. You don’t need to be PERFECT every day, you will have some good days and some bad days, hang in there.
  3. Don’t wait for MOTIVATION before you take action. Take action NOW, that’s what leads to motivation. Motivation comes and goes, you can’t rely on it. Even now after so many years of not gaming, I still struggle with motivation some times. But if you focus on ACTION first, you’ll find far more motivation than you ever imagine.
  4. Hope that helps!

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