Game Quitters exists to provide the best tools, resources, and peer support for people struggling with a video game addiction. Today we are proud to announce a major upgrade to our platform to help us do just that.

When I wrote our first blog post back in 2011 on ‘How to Quit Playing Video Games FOREVER’ I never imagined we would end up as the face of a global movement against video game addiction. I never imagined that one blog post on a personal development blog would launch an international platform serving over 50,000 people each month representing 94 countries. But here we are.

We take this responsibility seriously and as our platform has grown in numbers, so too has the need for it to grow in service. For the past few months I have been working tirelessly with a small team to bring you Game Quitters 2.0, transforming our mostly content-based site into an interactive recovery platform.

Let’s see what’s new in Game Quitters 2.0

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Game Quitters began with the vision of creating the ultimate platform for someone who struggles to quit playing video games.

To do this, we would provide the best tools, resources, and support for people of all ages and backgrounds, to get the help they need, and the help they deserve.

So where are we right now and where are we going from here? Read the full post for more details.

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