How to Make Your Summer Break Awesome

use your In my last article I shared about what to do during your summer break instead of gaming, so in this one I wanted to follow-up and shared some insight about how to make your summer break awesome.

How do you do it? Find out:

To make your summer break awesome you need to have the right mindsets, and that involves seeing your summer as a time period to invest in becoming the type of person you want to be instead of just wasting it playing games.

Now mindsets are important but you also need practical steps to take advantage of this time you have, because your summer is a good amount of time, and if you invest it wisely in yourself you can really make incredible progress.

Here are the three practical steps you want to take to make your summer break awesome:


  • Schedule your day.



I’ll be honest, I used to hate scheduling my day, but over the years I’ve found there’s a lot of value in adding a bit of structure to your life that can help you focus and take advantage of the time you have.

It also helps you save mental energy by not having to make so many decisions and instead allow you to get into the flow of your day and take massive action. By scheduling you bypass the feelings of boredom that can trigger a relapse, and help you maintain more consistency.


  • Have a morning routine.



This is just a way to start your day every day, and is a great time to do your keystone habits that are your foundation of success. These are habits like meditation, your gratitude journal, exercise and reading. By having a morning routine you start your day strong and this builds a lot of momentum.


  • Plan epic experiences.



Quickly I want you to write down three epic experiences you’d love to have this summer. These are adventures that you will look back on as the highlights of your summer. A few examples of mine: I’ve gone bungee jumping a few times, cliff jumping with friends, skydiving, road trips or other travel experiences.

Make sure you try those things out, and of course these don’t only apply to your summer but all other parts of the year too.

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