Is It Ok to Play Video Games on the Weekends Only?

I got this question a couple of days ago and I thought I’d answer it today.

Is it ok to play video games on the weekends only? Watch the video for my answer:

The answer for me is pretty simple:

If you haven’t completed your 90 day detox yet, than no, you can’t play games on the weekends.

If you’re playing games on the weekends in the middle of your detox than you’re not really completing the detox.

The whole point of the detox is to take 90 days off gaming to experience what that feels like in your life, and that means even if it’s hard, even if you’re bored, even if you’re stressed, you still should not be playing games.

However if you’ve finished your detox, then sure I definitely think that you can try it, but you also just want to be aware of whether games are having a positive or negative impact on your life.

When you are thinking about gaming on the weekends, if you’ve completed your detox, then you want to think about why you’re drawn to games on the weekends?

  • Is it because you’re bored?
  • Is it because you have nothing better to do?
  • Is it because you are looking to fill time?
  • Is it because you’re feeling lonely?
  • What are the reasons why you’re drawn to games on the weekends?

Try finding those in something else.

Games are cool and I’m not against gaming but I also know that gaming didn’t really lead me to accomplishing any of the other goals or dreams I had and really it was just a way for me to kill time.

And I know it’s something similar for you too.

You can learn more about where I stand on this and another example of someone who does game in moderation in my video on gaming in moderation with Richard Kuo:

The most important thing guys is that you need to think about how gaming is in your life and the relationship that you have with it, and whether or not it’s actually empowering you towards the things that you do want to do or if it’s just a way for you to procrastinate.

That’s the difference.

If you haven’t started your detox yet, begin it now.

90 days no gaming, it’s a great experiment to learn more about yourself and your relationship with gaming.

If you’ve finished your detox and you want to try gaming on the weekends a little bit, go ahead but also be aware that it’s really easy for that to snowball into gaming a lot more and if you find yourself doing that then you definitely want to put a stop to it right away.

I’d love to hear what you think. Are you gaming on the weekends? Are you trying moderation? Or did it not work for you? Share your perspective in the comments below.

Finally, a lot of you have been asking me to shoot more videos about what my life looks like on a daily basis, so I have started on Snapchat. If you’re not following me on Snapchat, I definitely recommend for you to do that.

If you’re still gaming and you are ready to quit, commit to your 90 day detox today and grab a copy of Respawn to help you with it.

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