Having Fun vs. Being Happy

Turn off There’s an important distinction that you need to make when you go to quit playing video games and that distinction is this.

Are you having fun playing games or are you happy? Watch the video to learn more:

So often when we play video games we’re having a lot of fun and I’ve detailed a lot of that in different episodes especially the episode on the detox, but the distinction you need to make is that although you’re having fun playing games, that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily happy.

Life isn’t just about having a ton of fun, life is about happiness and fulfillment.

I went through this myself because when I was gaming I had a lot of fun playing games but as soon as I turned the game off and I looked around and I looked at what my life was like my life was a complete mess.

I was depressed, I was socially anxious, I didn’t really have any friends and I had dropped out of high school (twice).

Things weren’t going so well for me and the same might be the case for you.

So today I just want to bring this distinction to your awareness. I want you to think about it.

Are you just having fun playing games? Are you happy? What’s the difference if there is one.

Think about that and share your answer in the comments below. The more involved you can be in the community, the more we can help or your story can inspire others.

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