Nobody is coming to save you

Today’s message is simple: nobody is coming to save you. IT’S ON YOU:

So often when we go to make a big change in our life whether it’s to quit gaming, move to a new city, to quit our job, or to change what we’re studying in school, we sit around and wait, thinking that somebody else is going to come and do the work for us.

But that’s not how life works, because no one else can change your situation, except YOU. It’s all on you.

Now that can be kind of scary especially when you go to make a big change in your life, but just as it’s scary because it’s all on your shoulders, it can also be liberating, because you don’t have to wait around any longer, you can just go for it right now.

So my question to you is this:

How much longer are you going to put off going after the things you want to go after?

How much longer are you going to continue to play video games even though you don’t want to?

How much longer are you going to continue to just play small and feel like you’re trapped and give in to a victim mentality – where you think that you’re a victim of your circumstances instead of someone who gets to choose their own reality?

How much longer?

Is it going to be a week? A couple weeks? A couple months? A couple years?

When are you going to make the choice to finally go for it?

Because just as it’s all on your shoulders, that also means that regardless of whether you make the choice today or a year from now, the choice is still going to be the same thing, which is for you to choose, to go for it.

So what decision are you going to make? What are you waiting for? What do you want to pursue? Are you going to go for it now or are you going to continue to wait? Leave a comment below. I love to hear from you guys.

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