PewDiePie’s net worth is currently estimated to be: $30,000,000.

Back in the day, PewDiePie was simply known as ‘that Swedish guy who screams at horror games’. Fast forward to 2019 and who would have guessed a random YouTuber playing Amnesia in their room would turn into one of the most widely recognized sensations on the internet.

With almost 100,000,000 YouTube subscribers, PewDiePie has no doubt seen his fair share of controversies. However, type ‘PewDiePie’ into Google and the first term that comes up is related to his net worth.

Why are people so obsessed with how much money it is? Unfortunately, we haven’t got an answer for you here. What we can tell you is how he makes his money, and a bit about his rise to fame from hot dog salesman to internet stardom.

Who Is PewDiePie?


PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, was born on 24th October 1989, in Gothenburg, Sweden. He had always been a keen gamer and had a deep interest in art from an early age.

After graduating high school he went on to study industrial economics. But, not long after starting, Felix felt that he didn’t belong there and made the decision to drop out. He wanted to focus on what made him happy and at the time that meant recording himself playing video games and uploading his videos to YouTube.

He managed to get by initially by selling art he’d created on Photoshop and even worked at a hot dog stand to make some extra money. Despite that, he has said in the past that the start was definitely a difficult time for him. However, I doubt he has any regrets about sticking with it through to the end!

Unbelievably, just over a year after dropping out he gained his first million subscribers in July 2012. Something that seems almost impossible in today’s world.

His popularity increased rapidly from that point onwards, becoming the most talked-about internet personality around the world. You couldn’t mention YouTube in school without hearing the name PewDiePie, and it seemed like everyone you spoke to was subscribed to him at some point.

How He Makes His Money

pewdiepie net worth

It’s probably not that surprising that bringing in YouTube views can bring in a hefty income alone.

Since starting his channel Felix has amassed more than 22 billion views across his entire channel and pulls in over 420 million views each month.

These views alone are responsible for the majority of his income, pulling in estimated monthly earnings of $500,000 per month or $6,000,000 per year. That’s definitely not chump change by any means.

However, on top of his crazy viewership numbers, there’s no doubt he also receives money for sponsorships. PewDiePie doesn’t have a reputation for selling out in every video, but he does do paid promotion at times. It’s impossible to know how much you’d have to pay him to promote a product, but I’d wager it’s a small fortune.

YouTube isn’t the only platform content creators like PewDiePie are earning millions on though, and many streamers use Twitch as a YouTube alternative.

PewDiePie’s Net worth

PewDiePie's net worth

It’s fair to say $30,000,000 is a fair estimate of PewDiePie’s net worth, taking into account the amount of money he has earned, as well as the cost of gaining YouTube numbers of this magnitude. In comparison, Joe Rogan, a former gamer himsef, has a networth estimated to be $120 million.

Are his earnings more or less than you thought? Whatever the true number is, it’s a lot. Amazingly, Felix isn’t the highest-earning YouTuber. That title goes to Ryan ToysReview, a 7-year-old kid that reviews toys for parents.

Crazy, I know.

It goes to show the opportunities out there for people to make money in the modern age.

We have teenagers becoming multi-millionaires overnight playing Fortnite and kids earning tens of millions making YouTube videos.

morning consult report

The idea of becoming famous on the internet, whether it’s on YouTube or as an influencer, has soared to a new level of popularity in recent years.

A recent report from Morning Consult titled “The Influencer Report: Engaging Gen Z and Millennials” has brought out some pretty shocking figures. TikTok has also been on the rise.

For instance, PewDiePie has the same name recognition as Lebron James, with 95% of Gen Z men saying they knew who he was. Not only that, but PewDiePie even topped out the list of the most-liked celebrity on the list with 62% favourability. Joe Rogan meanwhile,


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