Thoughts on Quitting Video Games

Driving down the coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles today and stopped by a beach to share a few thoughts on quitting video games. Press play:

The thing is, a big mistake people make is that they focus too much on video games and forget that this is really about much more than that.

This isn’t even really about games. It’s about getting your life to a point where you don’t need to be stimulated all the time. Gaming gives us a lot of stimulation but it creates this false sense of expectation that you need to be that stimulated all the time, when this is something that happens because of games… instead of because life is really that way.

Games are an outlet for us whenever we feel bored. But to us we have a choice, we can use games to help us escape that boredom… or we can choose to be present in the moment and not need to escape from it.

So it’s not about whether gaming is good or bad, or whether you should play or not. It’s about getting your life back to a point where you could go to a beach and enjoy it, or have dinner with your family and enjoy it. You could do anything and enjoy it because you have the type of mindset and perspective that allows you to do so… instead of just expecting it to be that way – which can happen when you are gaming.

Hope that resonates with you!

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