What Other Activities Should I Do After I Quit Playing Video Games?

I thought I’d answer a question I got recently while I was in Malibu. The question is from Tobias and it’s about what other activities are good to do on the weekends, and whether or not he can play Hearthstone and Chess even though they are kind of video games. Press play:

So the thing is, when we quit playing video games, we need to think about what we’re going to do with all of this new time we have. This is a common obstacle to go through, because gaming is what we know. So when we quit, we tend to still gravitate towards them, when that’s kind of missing the point.

The point of quitting video games isn’t to continue playing games, it’s about putting ourselves in a position where we have no choice but to learn how to interact (and entertain) ourselves without using gaming as our crutch.

What helped me the most was focusing on setting new goals, and using these new goals as a compass to figure out how we should be spending our time. Remember, we play games for specific reasons, so you want to find activities and goals that fulfill those same needs.

For me, that was learning how to make new friends, so I started going out a lot. And then I wanted to learn how to DJ so I started doing that. And now, travel is a big goal of mine so I’m finding ways to do that too.

Gaming is where your comfort zone is, so now that you’ve quit, focus on setting new goals and using your new activities to move in that direction.

To help you guys out for new activities, I’ve put together a guide called 60+ New Hobby Ideasthat you can download for free here.

And just remember, the bigger idea is about new goals, it’s not just about killing your time. Hope that helps!

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