Can Life Really Be Fun Without Video Games?

When you quit gaming one of the biggest issues you run into is feeling bored. You want to quit because you want to start living your life, but can life really be fun without video games?

I personally struggled with this a lot, so I don’t know… you tell me… does it look fun? Press play:

When you quit gaming it can be scary. Gaming is how you have fun and it’s easy to find other activities to be boring, and even though this happens for specific reasons, it’s common to wonder if life without video games is really even fun.

But the truth is, life is as much fun as you decide to make it. Although we all come from different circumstances and each our our situation is unique, we get to choose how we respond to these challenges.

And one of them is learning how to have fun after we quit gaming. It’s not that life without video games isn’t fun, it’s that gaming has always been our go-to activity to have fun. So naturally when we remove it, we will need to learn new ways to have fun again, and that might take some time.

I know it did for me and that’s ok, it’s a process, but, most importantly, life can be fun without video games, you can have fun without them.

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