When you have a gaming addiction it’s common to feel frustrated when you talk to normal people, your friends, family or just people you run into on a daily basis because it’s hard to communicate what’s really going on for you.

When you do this, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Here’s what to do:

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One of the main reasons we game is to escape from the stress in our life. So if you want to be successful moving on from games you will need to learn how to deal with stress without using gaming as your outlet.

The good news is, you are capable of learning how to do this. Find out how:

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It’s very common when you quit playing video games to experience a relapse at some point. It even happened to me. 11 months after I quit cold turkey I relapsed and played games 16 hours a day for five months straight.

But relapse doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you do this one thing afterwards:

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You wake up in a panic thinking you’ve relapsed back into gaming only to realize it was just a dream.

You’re relieved but is this normal? What steps can you do to stop them?

Find out:

I remember when I quit gaming I had this same experience, having dreams or nightmares about me playing video games, and I would feel really silly and wonder if I was going crazy.

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After you quit playing video games you start to realize that most of your friends are gamers, and that’s actually kind of scary. What will happen if you quit? Will you lose all of your friends?

What I want you to know is that you don’t necessarily have to lose all of your friends and there are a few specific strategies you want to implement in order to avoid feeling lonely after you quit.

Find out what they are:

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