How to Deal With the Fear of Missing out (F.O.M.O.)

Everything is going well, you’ve quit gaming and you’re starting to feel better about yourself.. but now you’re new favorite game is coming out. What do you do? Do you play?

Here’s how to deal with FOMO, the fear of missing out: Press play:

The fear of missing out is definitely something I personally related to. Growing up one of the games I played the most was Starcraft, and after a decade of waiting for Starcraft 2 it was finally coming out!

… two months after I decided to quit playing for good.

So that kind of sucked but I never ended up playing Starcraft 2 and the reason is because I had committed to quitting because I wanted to quit and to play SC2 would be to miss the entire point of why I was moving on in the first place.

The reason I was quitting games was because I wanted to close a chapter in my life and start a new one. I had new goals and dreams, so continuing to game, even if it was my new favorite game wasn’t really serving that mission.

Your new favorite game coming out is one of the triggers that can cause you to go back and game, so you need to be aware of how you will respond if this happens.

Remember, just because you’re quitting games doesn’t take away what they meant to you. They meant something to you and that’s ok. But you’re also allowed to move forward in your life to something new too.

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