What If Gaming Is The Only Thing You’re Good At?

When you go to quit it’s scary because you realize that you’re going to lose out on the one thing in your life that you’re really good at: gaming. And from gaming you get a lot of your confidence and self-esteem, so this presents an interesting challenge.

So what do you do? Press play:

One of these advantages is that you’ve gotten good at gaming. I mean, let’s be honest, the chance of you being a really good gamer if you’re reading this is pretty high.

Even if it’s simply because as someone who’s recognized that you’re spending more time gaming than you’d like… that gives you a better chance of being good at each game — you’re putting a lot of time into it.

So what I want to share with you is that gaming is a skill — and because it’s something you’ve gotten good at, there’s a lot you can learn from in how you achieved that and in doing so, then apply the same methods to become good at any other skill. Here’s the best part: Most everything in life is a skill. In fact Life is even a skill. It’s something you can get better at if you learn how the game works.

I’ll go more into this later but first I want to share with you the seven ways I got better at games, and I imagine you’ve used some if not all of these to do the same:

  1. Quantity of time — you played a lot.
  2. Quality of time — you played with a focus on how you could improve.
  3. Mentors — you sought out other people who were good to learn from.
  4. Community — you found likeminded peers to play with.
  5. Education — you joined forums, watched streams and tutorials.
  6. Review — you went over your replays.
  7. Perseverance — you didn’t give up, you kept learning to improve.

Do any of those seem familiar? I bet they do, because they are just the different ways you can engage in gaming to improve your skill, and in doing so you do better at the game you’re playing. So now it’s a simple formula, follow the same steps we used to get good at gaming to get good at anything else we choose.

So now what are your new goals? What’s the new thing you want to get good at? Remember that passion is developed over time and it’s developed through challenge. Apply the same principles that you used to get good at gaming to get good at anything else you want.

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