How To Develop Charisma

Have you ever met someone who made an incredible impression on you?

I bet you have and this is all about what charisma is about. So on today’s episode we talk with Myke Macapinlac who helps guys improve their social skills. I brought him on to teach us about how to develop charisma:

Myke is a good friend of mine who’s been on a similar mission to me to improve our social skills and become more attractive to women.

Charisma is all about how you can leave people better than you found them. Charisma is the way you make people feel about themselves. Charisma is a learned skill, it’s not something you were just born with.

Charisma isn’t about you, it’s about other people, and if you’re meeting someone for the first time you want to be mindful of a few things:

Be present.

It’s easy in an interaction to lose your focus and even though you might be looking at them, you’re hardly listening to what they are saying. Bill Clinton, known to many as having an incredible ability to connect with people has shared before that one of his tricks is to not look over the shoulder of the person he’s talking to, and instead, focus on them with everything he’s got.

Make eye contact.

There’s a big difference between genuine eye contact and being creepy, so the exercise Myke suggests for us is to hold eye contact just long enough to find their eye color.

Be genuinely curious.

Ask open ended questions. You don’t always have to talk the whole time and instead you can allow others to share about their passions, and by being genuine and being curious you will allow people to feel understood.

At the end of the day, people don’t remember what you did for them, they remember how you made them feel. If you can takeaway anything from this post to be more charismatic, focus on leaving people better than you found them.

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