About to Relapse? Consider This First.

Are you about to relapse, or feeling that quitting video games is just not worth it anymore? Before you make your decision, here are a few quick thoughts to consider:

Relapsing is a decision.

No matter how you’re feeling in this moment, you are still in control of your actions. As Viktor Frankl says, “The last human freedom is your ability to give meaning to your circumstances.”

You may feel hopeless, anxious, or insecure about whether you’ll be able to be successful or not. Remember to be aware of your choices, whatever they may be, and the active role you do play in your life.

1. What you are feeling right now is normal.

You have been playing games for a long time and they have had a significant impact on your life. Sometimes when we struggle to quit because we think quitting means gaming wasn’t as meaningful to us as it was. But that’s not true. Gaming was meaningful to you, and you are now at a point in your life where you desire something else.

Honor that and remember why you decided to quit in the first place. Cravings are normal and part of the process. And they pass. Be patient and give yourself some time.

2. A relapse is not going to fix anything.

But neither is quitting by itself. Quitting is a positive step in the right direction, but it’s only going to start the process of turning your life around, it’s not going to do all of the work for you. Growth is a process, and by relapsing you are only delaying the inevitable decision you’ll need to make eventually – to move on from gaming for good.

3. Think of the reasons that make you play.

Games are a tool, a means, not an end. You are playing for specific reasons encouraged by human needs (such as escape, challenge, social connection, and progress). Know your reasons and how they work for you. What makes you play? What is your motivation?

If you’re considering relapsing because you’re bored, make sure you’ve found new activities to replace the same needs that gaming fulfilled for you, and that you’re using a schedule or daily agenda to manage your time.

4. Are you fueling the cravings with nostalgia?

Games were, and are a part of yourself. They are a core piece of your identity. There’s nothing wrong in acknowledging this. Gaming was an experience for us. We learned, we played, and we had a great time.

But during the 90 day detox we do not recommend watching streams, listening to gaming soundtracks, or keeping up with gaming news. They will only make you want to play more, causing your recovery to be challenging. Create space for the new stage of your life you have committed to by removing things in your past.

5. Create new environments.

Fill the void of games. Otherwise you are just abstaining. Are you trying to swim forward (or upwards), or just holding your breath in place? What is it that made you think about games? Boredom? Loneliness? Purpose? Where else can you find these needs fulfilled? Think practically. Shift your current energy into something new and exciting.

6. We have your back!

If you are feeling in a funk, or your drive not so good these days, you can always go back to the forums, subreddit and all our resources for guidance and support. You are not alone.

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