Should You Become A Game Developer?

A question I got asked recently was whether or not you should become a game developer, and if it’s ethical to do that. Find out my answer to both questions:

So should you or should you not become a game developer?

It’s certainly something to consider. Within the community programming is very common and it’s a natural fit due to your strong computer and technical skills.

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Now game development might be a fit for you because of your experience gaming, but the other idea I would throw at you is that you can always pursue other avenues than game development, such as building apps or websites, joining startups, or even machine learning and AI.

You don’t have to go into game development, although there’s a possibility that it can.

Some members have found game development to be really interesting, and something that they didn’t feel triggered by after they quit playing video games, while other members have found that it did trigger them and cause them to play.

If you’re someone who will be triggered by game development I would recommend for you to avoid pursuing it for at least the 90 day detox.

But is it even ethical to be a game developer?

That’s a bit of a tough question.

I try as much as I can to not blame game development companies and/or games themselves for the situations we find ourselves in.

Now I do believe there is an ounce of responsibility within the gaming industry, especially as it relates to mobile games – including freemium models and turn based delays that sort of psychology that they are bringing in.

I believe companies have a responsibility to their communities to be helping people who may be struggling with gaming addiction issues to be able to get the help they need, instead of pretending that it’s not there or that the issue is not real.

In other industries big companies put a lot of resources into helping people not have problems using their products.

Game companies have been just behind on this issue, which happens because there is a lot of guilt and shame about gaming and the community overall has been just very defensive about anyone suggesting that someone could be addicted to playing video games.

We’re beyond that debate now.

As research, like the research we’re doing comes out, game companies will have no choice but to start facing this head on.

I’m really excited about being able to partner up with our community and game development companies to find solutions for how game development companies can help their communities while also allowing people to still play video games.

So that’s what I think, what about you?

Are you into programming? Have you tried game design? Have you tried it and it didn’t work out? What kind of responsibility, ethically, do gaming companies have? Let us know in the comments – I read and respond to every one.

If you aren’t following me on Snapchat, I encourage you to do that. I show a lot of behind-the-scenes of what my life looks like on a daily basis and that can give you a lot of different ideas or inspiration to continue moving on from games.

If you’re still gaming and you are ready to quit, commit to your 90 day detox today and grab a copy of Respawn to help you with it.

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