TVNZ Segment on Video Game Addiction (Featuring Game Quitters)

This past Sunday TVNZ released a segment called Silent Addiction where they discuss video game addiction. This segment features a member of our community, Alex Monk, also known as AlexTheGrape on the Game Quitters Forum.

Watch the segment by clicking play below:

Our community is incredibly proud of Alex for being courageous to share his story – it will inspire many people who are currently struggling with a gaming addiction in silence to reach out for help. By leading by example, Alex will also inspire other Game Quitters to share their story with the world.

Want to share your story with the Game Quitters community? Click here.

We would also like to say thank you to Sunday TVNZ for doing a great job with the segment. Unfortunately, too many segments that cover video game addiction focus on the most extreme examples (bootcamps, gamers committing suicide or murder), which tragic in their own right, do not represent the majority of those in our community who simply struggle to quit gaming and need support to do so.

It is a very positive sign that Sunday TVNZ shared our story with the world in a way that was honest and true to the majority of video game addicts around the world, and we hope other media outlets will follow their example.




Once the segment aired, Alex was asked how he copes with his brother continuing to game, and whether or not he finds it tough to see. You can read his response here.

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