15 Best Games for People With ADHD

Games provide more than entertainment for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They’re also a great way to develop important life and social skills. The positive effects of playing games include enhanced memory, improved concentration, and better communication with others.

In fact, there’s even an FDA authorized video game treatment for children with ADHD. (Although as experts in video game addiction, we know that people with ADHD can be more susceptible to playing compulsively, so striking a healthy balance is key.)

In this article, we look at some of the best types of games for people with ADHD.

What is ADHD and how can playing games help?


ADHD is a common neurodevelopmental disorder that affects children and adults. People with ADHD often get easily bored, find it difficult to focus, act impulsively, and struggle to sit still.

While many young children display these types of behaviors from time to time, they generally grow out of them. However, for people with ADHD the symptoms continue, which can cause problems at home, school, work, and in social situations.

Although medication can make a difference, it’s important to find other ways to alleviate and manage the symptoms of ADHD. Playing games can help:

  • improve eye-hand coordination
  • enhance communication skills
  • develop social skills
  • build working memory
  • inspire creativity
  • increase attention span.

What games are good for ADHD?

best adhd games for kids

Finding games for someone who struggles to pay attention, follow instructions or finish a task, and gets easily distracted can seem like a challenge, but it is possible. With some adaptations – such as regular breaks, set times to start and finish the game, and modified rules, if necessary – certain games can be beneficial.

But what are play activities for ADHD? Let’s look at different types of games that can help people with the condition:

Board games for ADHD

Board games are a great way for people with ADHD to develop their cognitive and social skills in a low-pressure environment. So here’s a round-up of some of the best board games for ADHD – kids and adults.

Snakes and ladders

This classic game is popular with all ages, especially children. Players take turns to throw the dice and move along the board toward the winning square at the top, climbing ladders or sliding down snakes when they land on them. It’s a fun way to improve concentration, math skills, and social interactions, while learning how to deal with failure and disappointment. (It’s easy to go from first to last place as there are lots of snakes to navigate.)

Story cubes

Story cubes are sets of dice with a different picture on each face. Players narrate a story with each roll of the dice, and this encourages creativity and imagination. The stories are often very funny, which helps people with ADHD want to stay focused on the game and interact with others.


Jenga is a block-stacking game where players take turns to remove one block from lower down and place it on top of the tower. Eventually the tower becomes so unstable that it collapses. Jenga is often used in play therapy, which is why it’s one of the most popular games for ADHD. It has multiple benefits – from improving fine motor skills to problem-solving and responsive thinking.


Sorry! is a classic game that only takes about 30 minutes to play. The winner is the first person to get their four pawns safely round the board. If someone lands on a space occupied by another player, they say “Sorry!” and send that pawn back to the start. As a result, the game helps people with ADHD to work on impulse control and manage frustration.


During this strategy board game, players take turns to try and hit each other’s ships using grids and coordinates. So not only does it teach math in a fun and engaging way, it helps to develop logic and reasoning skills too.

Card games for ADHD

Card games have many of the same benefits as board games in alleviating and managing the symptoms of ADHD. There are lots of fun options available that provide instant rewards, which is particularly appealing to people with ADHD.

Memory game

This simple game involves laying multiple cards face down on a table. Each player turns over two cards at a time to find a matching pair. As the name suggests, it’s a great memory training exercise for people with ADHD. They also have to watch what other players are turning over, so need to ignore distractions.

Monopoly Deal

Often, people with ADHD prefer fast-paced games that don’t last too long. That’s why Monopoly Deal is a good choice. The traditional board version of the game can take hours, but this card game offshoot is billed as ‘fast-dealing card-stealing fun!’ The aim of the game is to collect three complete property sets, which requires strategic thinking and organization skills.


Another fast-paced card game is UNO. It’s particularly good for young children with ADHD because the rules are simple. They love the bright colors and it helps with number recognition, making it an educational as well as an entertaining choice. It will also hold their attention because the action moves quickly from player to player. Everyone is trying to get rid of their cards until they have only one left and can shout: “UNO!”


One of the best ADHD games for practicing social and critical thinking skills is Hedbanz. One player chooses a card and puts it in their headband without looking at it. They then ask the other players questions with “yes” and “no” answers to work out who or what they are –and it’s all against the clock.

The Gift of ADHD card game

This card game has been specifically designed for children and teens with ADHD. Players learn how to harness the positive aspects of the disorder to deal with everyday challenges. This upbeat approach helps those with ADHD to see how their differences can also be strengths.

Video games for ADHD

Video games provide more than entertainment to those with ADHD – from boosting attention and concentration, to improving organizational and multitasking skills. However, playing in moderation is important to harness the positive effects of video games and avoid the negative aspects of too much game play.

So, having looked at board games and card games, what games are good for ADHD online?


Roblox is a popular platform that allows players to create their own games and try out games designed by others. It can help those with ADHD improve focus and concentration, plus it encourages creativity and enhances problem-solving. These skills can then by applied to real-world situations. There’s also a social aspect of the game which can also help with social interactions outside the game.


There are no set rules in Minecraft – players can use their creativity and imagination to build whatever they like in their virtual world. This can be quite a challenge for people with ADHD, because it requires planning, organization, and focus. However, these qualities can be developed and practiced over time. And if played as a multiplayer game it provides great opportunities for collaboration with others.

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero involves using a guitar-shaped controller to play along to different tunes. While children and teens pretend they’re famous pop stars, this video game is teaching some valuable skills. Learning new songs can help those with ADHD to follow instructions, memorize patterns, and stay focused, while sharpening their working memory.


This action-strategy game is a combination of other popular titles like Minecraft, Valorant, and Call of Duty. Although Fortnite is primarily a fighting game, the cartoonish graphics make it less gory than other video games of this genre, so it has a wide appeal. Game play requires players to stay focused and alert to survive, and allows them to use creativity when building safe structures – important skills for people with ADHD.


So, what is the FDA approved brain game for ADHD? EndeavorRx is designed boost memory function in 8 to 12-years-old with the condition (2). It was created by neuroscientists and game designers and is available on prescription. 73% of children reported an improvement in their attention after playing. The game involves multitasking and ignoring distractions while racing through different worlds and dodging obstacles.

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While gaming can be a positive experience for many people with the condition, for others ADHD and video games can be a brutal combination.

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