What is Roblox?

If you’re a parent of a gamer that plays Roblox, you might be wondering: what is Roblox, and how does it work? What is all the hype about it?

In this article, we’ll address all questions you might have about Roblox to get a clearer idea about this game.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online gaming platform that allows players to create games and play other people’s games. Roblox is not a single game but rather a collection of user-created games that happen in 3D worlds.

The main difference between Roblox is that the games inside Roblox are not created by the gaming company but rather by the game’s users.

Users of Roblox can both create their games and play the games created by other users. These games can include simple 3D worlds to more complex worlds where gamers have to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and solve quests to complete the games.

Gamers love this platform because it provides them with constant novelty and a good way of making friends and meeting strangers. 

Roblox is one of the most popular games currently. It has almost 200 active monthly users, which ranks it among the most played and popular games at this moment.

However, due to its addictive nature, Roblox addiction is more and more prevalent.

We constantly get an alarming amount of inquiries from parents about Roblox, so we created this article to help you better understand what Roblox is and how you can deal with it.

How Does Roblox Work?

what is roblox

Roblox requires new users to sign up and create new profiles. To do that, a new user would have to use their email and create a password with a username, which they would then use to log into their account. Some users can experience login issues which you can learn about here.

Once the user is logged in, they can start customizing their character. Character customization is one of the most appealing features of Roblox. 

Each player can create their Socialization character, which they will then use to play games on Roblox. 

Of course, kids want to have a character that stands out the most, where Robux comes in. Robux is an in-game currency in Roblox that allows users to buy cosmetic items for their character, which they can then use in games.

You can purchase Robux with real-life money, especially if children are exposed to this feature. For example, this 11-year old girl spent a whopping 2400 British Pounds on Robux without her parents knowing.

After the character is customized, players can start to play games inside Roblox. There are hundreds of games to try out, and these games are created every day. As a result, there is a never-ending supply of games, making the game always feel fresh.

Users of Roblox can also create their games. In addition, they are allowed to use various features that they can insert into the world to make it more interesting or appealing.

Why is Roblox so Popular with Kids?

Roblox is one of the most popular games in the world at the moment. It has almost 200 million monthly active users, and 67% of all users are children under 16. 

This statistic shows us that the game is most popular with children, even though it is officially branded as a 13+ game. Many children under the age of 13 play this game nonetheless, thanks to non-existing age checks.

The main reasons why Roblox is so popular with kids include the following factors.


The biggest factor that makes Roblox so popular is socialization. If you play Roblox, you’re seen as a cool kid. There’s peer pressure to play the game, and the prospect of meeting new friends on Roblox is also very appealing. This is a common reason many people play video games

Socialization is encouraged on Roblox, which is not necessarily a bad thing, although your kid might encounter some questionable people along the way.

Many scammers and people are looking to exploit children on this platform, so you will want to be very careful who your child socializes with on Roblox.

Free to Play and Available on Most Platforms

Another big reason why this game is booming at the moment is that it’s free to play, and it’s available on almost any platform imaginable.

The base game itself is free to play, although there are various elements inside the game that need to be bought if you want to access them. This is where Robux comes in, the digital currency used inside Roblox, to purchase these elements.

Also, you can play this game almost anywhere you might be. It’s available on computers, phones, tablets, and gaming consoles (Xbox One). 

And because the restrictions for playing the game are so low, anyone can download it and start playing it.

Never-Ending Novelty

There’s always something new going on with Roblox: new games, new people to meet, new apparel to buy for your

The influx of constant new games is also appealing. The game never feels stale because users are always creating new worlds to try out.

When people play Roblox, they are hit by an immense amount of stimuli. There are so many things to do and try out that the game will never feel boring, and this is one of the main reasons children can spend hours and hours on Roblox. It’s created to be addictive.

Roblox Inspires Creativity

In addition, Roblox encourages creativity, which is not a bad thing in itself, of course. 

Each user can create their own game and world while also trying out the games created by other users. 

There is a sense of freedom with the game creation engine, which gives your child the possibility to create games and worlds using their imagination.

The problem comes when your child starts to play Roblox excessively. While it is nice that your child can have this creativity, it can also cause your child to get addicted to Roblox. In this case, Roblox starts to become a harmful activity.

It’s Customizable

Every Roblox player can create a character that they’ll use inside the game. When creating a character, they can use various features and elements to make it unique.

When players play games inside Roblox, they can use this character to play them. And having the character that stands out the most is, of course, attractive to children. This leads to many kids spending real-life money on Robux, allowing them to buy these elements for customization.

It’s Addictive

There is no denying that Roblox is designed to be addictive.

So much so that China is now banning several features of Roblox for Chinese children because they’re seen as addictive.

Some elements inside the game are also inappropriate for kids because they include sexually explicit content or inappropriate content for underage players.

Is Roblox Safe for My Child?

Roblox can be safe to play for your child, but you will need to set up a few restrictions along the way.

You need to realize that Roblox can be highly addictive. Unfortunately, there are also many other pitfalls of Roblox that your child can fall into, so you’ll need to monitor their use of Roblox closely.

If the game is played while your child is supervised and if you enable parental controls inside Roblox, then the game can be safe to play. However, it can be harmful if you let your child play the game excessively and allow them to socialize with strangers and spend money in-game.

The main reasons why Roblox can be unsafe for children include:

  • It can be addictive
  • Many scammers and strangers are waiting to take advantage of your child
  • Your child might spend money without your supervision inside the game
  • There is some explicit content that is potentially not safe for children
  • No chat filters are available, which means bullying and exposure to inappropriate content are still possible.

How to Make Roblox Safe for My Child?

Roblox can be a safe game to play, provided that you keep constant track of your child’s playing time and their behavior inside the game.

These are a few tips to keep your child safe from the negative effects of Roblox.

  1. Limit the playing time of Roblox to 2 hours at most daily
  2. Track your child’s messages and chats constantly
  3. Learn common Roblox slang words
  4. Track your child’s consumption of Robux inside the game
  5. Enable parental controls inside Roblox
  6. Set up rules of how and when your child can play Roblox
  7. If necessary, delete a Roblox account if you feel like it is harming your child’s life and development

Need Help with Your Child’s Roblox Consumption?

If you’re worried about how much your child plays Roblox, then you need to know that it’s normal to feel like that. We get many questions and requests from concerned parents who are wondering how to stop their child from playing Roblox so much.

If you feel like your child has developed a Roblox addiction, then you can try our scientifically-backed resource for parents called Reclaim. In this program, you’ll learn how to communicate with your child and set up rules so they’ll be able to stop playing Roblox so much and so often.

You can also talk to a therapist about the issues you and your family face when it comes to your kid’s Roblox addiction.

Alternatively, we also offer many other resources at Game Quitters, such as:

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