Roblox Slang Words – What Your Kids Are Really Saying

BTC, CNP, LMAD… Does it feel like your kids are speaking another language when they play Roblox? Every generation has its own words and phrases – it’s a way of establishing identity and feeling a sense of belonging.

But when the slang involves gaming, it’s useful to understand what they’re saying so you know they’re playing safely and responsibly. In this article we give parents a lowdown on the latest Roblox slang.

What is Roblox slang?

roblox terms

Having a good connection with your child is important as a preventative measure for mental health problems and video game addiction. But it’s difficult to feel part of their world if you don’t understand what they’re saying.

At Game Quitters, we have coaching programs and support groups for families experiencing gaming problems. We’re often asked to translate what kids are saying to help break down communication barriers, especially when it comes to the question of whether or not Roblox is safe for kids

Here are some examples of what baffled parents want to know about Roblox slang:

  • Does BTC mean the B word in Roblox?
  • What does ABC for a girl mean in Roblox?
  • What does BBG mean on Roblox?
  • What does F4 mean in Roblox?
  • What is CNP Roblox slang?

To help decipher these abbreviations, acronyms and more, we’ve put together a glossary of Roblox slang.

Glossary of Roblox words and acronyms for parents

Here’s our round-up of the latest Roblox slang. Some of these words and acronyms are used on other video games and social media platforms too.

ABC – This doesn’t stand for anything. ABC means asking another player (or telling another player you’re ready) to make an offer, trade or perform a task in Roblox, such as roleplaying in a game.

AFK – Away from keyboard. Players say this when taking a break from the game for a while.

Banned Forever – A Roblox account has been banned.

BBG – Baby girl. Usually meant as an insult.

Beamed/beaming – Stealing limited edition items from another player.

Bloxxed – Defeated or killed.

Boomer – Term players use to describe their parents, often in a derogatory way when they are using Roblox parental controls.

BRB – Be right back. Used when a player needs to leave the game for a short time.

BTC – This has two meanings on Roblox – either Bitcoin or ‘Because they can’.

Bypass – To get round Roblox’s chat filter – successfully sending a message that should have been filtered.

CNP – Copy and paste. A derogatory term used to describe a player with a boring avatar.

Comped – Compromised. A way of saying that a Roblox account has been hacked.

CordDiscord, a popular app used by gamers for voice, video and text messaging. However, Discord can be addictive and it’s easy for strangers to infiltrate. If your child mentions Cord or Discord, use it as an opportunity to discuss online safety.

DM – Direct message. To ask a player to message privately on the Roblox chat feature.

Dog water – Used to criticise another player’s performance.

Fat legs – Derogatory term to describe an avatar where a female torso and default legs are used which many feel is ugly.

F4 – To quit or end the game.

FFA – Free for all. A game with no teams where it’s every player for themselves.

GG – Good game. Usually said at the end of a Roblox session.

G2G/GTG – Got to go. Used to let other players know someone needs to go offline.

Go commit – Go kill yourself. Used by malicious players. A red flag for parents.

IG – In game. Things that happen within the game, including in-game purchases and features. Can also be short for Instagram.

ISTG – I swear to God. This has different meanings depending on the context – from expressing frustration to emphasizing something.

LMAD – Let’s make a deal. This indicates a player wants to trade.

Logged Out – Means the game has logged the user out of their account which can occur for a variety of reasons or bugs.

Lua – A coding language used to create games in Roblox.

Noob – Someone who’s a beginner at Roblox and hasn’t learnt all the rules yet. Can be used in a derogatory way.

Obby/Obbie – Obstacle course. A popular type of game to make or play in Roblox.

PTS – Permission to speak. Used on certain servers to request permission before speaking.

PS – Private server – also known as VIP server. Can be set up to play Roblox exclusively with friends but there’s usually a monthly cost.

Pwn/Pwned – To dominate or defeat someone in a game.

Reeee (with any numbers of Es). Used to mimic a scream / as a way of expressing anger or frustration.

Robloxian – Someone who plays Roblox.

SMH – Shaking my head. To show disappointment – often in a jokey way. It can also mean ‘so much hate’ which is often used in a self-depreciating way.

SOZ – Sorry. Used generally online.

TT – Til tomorrow. A way of signing off from a game. Can also mean TikTok.

Voice – Often used to signal to a player to speak on voice chat.

XD – Used to mimic a laughing face emoji in online chat.

Need help for gaming problems?

If you’re still struggling to connect with your child, despite reading our glossary of Roblox terms, and you’re worried about a possible Roblox addiction or their gaming habits in general, it’s a good idea to seek professional help.

Our tutorials can also help you delete your Roblox account or other game accounts.

You can also book a Gameplan call to discuss your situation. Limited spots are available.

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