Video Game Addiction Resources for Parents and Loved Ones

Struggling with a loved one addicted to video games? Find articles, videos, how-to guides, and the latest research below. For a step-by-step process to reclaim your loved one from gaming, purchase our practical action guide: Reclaim.

Gamers are no longer people who only play video games, and they spend just as much time, if not more, watching other gamers play on websites like Twitch and YouTube. This speaks not only to the underlying reasons why people love video games, but how they are managing to turn their passion into a legitimate career.

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The hallmark of addiction is the inability to keep everything back under control.

In my quest to get control of my addictions, I did a lot of soul searching.

I had to learn about the underlying causes of addiction. I had to figure out why I couldn’t control my drinking or why I needed to visit a pornography site every time I sat at my computer. What I learned not only helped me get control of my situation, but it also helped me better understand and help other addicts.

Addiction is a complex disease. No matter what you’re addicted to and what the outcome of it is, addiction is rooted in something deeper.

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Last week, Kyle Giersdorf AKA Bugha won a record-breaking $3 million in the Fortnite World Cup.

It wasn’t without its issues, as Kyle’s parents have stated they tried to take his games away from him because he was playing too much. Sounds like a familiar story, right?

Now, how many kids out there are going to be telling their parents that they want to become the next Fortnite world champion? How many are going to use it as an excuse to justify their excessive gaming?

Esports undoubtedly has its positives, and at Game Quitters we’re not against it at all. However, there is definitely an ugly side to the sport.

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GTA Online recently added a casino for their players, exposing millions of players (and kids) to gambling. In this article we detail the problems this causes and why simulated gambling should be under greater scrutiny of gambling laws.

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For me, Reddit was almost worse than being addicted to video games. I’d spend hours scrolling through the front page looking at memes, gifs, reading countless life pro tips, and even watching porn.

The sooner you can address the reasons why you’re starting to browse Reddit, the sooner you can start developing more healthy habits. It’s something that will benefit in the future far more than you realize. Here’s our step-by-step guide to stop wasting time on Reddit.

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I knew I had a problem with social media when I found myself always on my phone. All because I got a constant dopamine hit from it.

Even though my work depends on social media, I decided to do a 9 day social media detox. Here are the lessons I learned.

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Before addictive games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, we had PlayerUnknowns Battleground. After its release in 2017 PUBG quickly became by far, the most popular game in the world. Two years later and it still remains a powerhouse in the gaming world.

The game isn’t showing any signs of losing its player base, and PUBG addiction is as widespread now as it has ever been.

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